Partner Cambium Networks Bring WiFi to Everest Base Camp

As connected partners of Cambium Networks, we believe in wireless solutions that can deliver peak performance in the toughest environments, whether indoors, outdoors, in a warehouse, school, office – or at 18,000 feet.

Recent years have shown huge developments in where and how wireless technology can be provided, extending to the farthest and most challenging places on the planet. Few places can be as challenging for first-class connectivity than Mount Everest, characterized by craggy cliffs, ice, swift rivers and extreme weather conditions across the entire northeastern region of Nepal.
With experience in extreme conditions, it was no surprise that Everest Link approached our partner Cambium Networks to provide a wireless solution.

Despite the challenges posed to technology across these thousands of square miles of hostile terrain, reliable, secure and fast connectivity is paramount both for locals and tourists. The area sees around 40,000 visitors annually, including over 1,600 climbers across the various mountains, of which Everest is one. Tsering G. Sherpa, CEO of Everest Link said of the project, “our goal was to give them a perfect connection across the toughest terrain in the world.”

One major obstacle was power sources; at Base Camp the only viable option was renewable energy which meant carrying solar panels and devices to the installation sites by porters or pack animals. Cambium’s lightweight, energy efficient solutions made them a good match. Another issue was weather conditions; Cambium focus heavily on leading outdoor wireless technology that can withstand dust, high wind, and is waterproof, providing another solution to a highly unique challenge.

After deploying over 200 hotspots in addition to PTP 650 access points, the region has a solid connection 24 hours a day. Tsering G. Sherpa commented, “it gives us high throughput and perfect reliability. At the moment, we’re connected to the Everest base camp. There, at 5,320 meters altitude, we have a solar powered cnPilot™ e500 outdoor Wi-Fi hotspot.”

The project didn’t just set its sights on supporting tourism. In addition, Cambium Networks connected over 40 villages and 34,000 locals, with connectivity significantly boosting regional education through distance-learning.

Watch the video below to see Cambium Networks in action with Everest Link at Everest Base Camp.