Improve Network Defences with Cisco’s Cloud Security Solution Umbrella

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Why integrate Cisco Umbrella with your network security architecture?:
  • Consolidates formerly disparate features like secure web gateway, cloud-delivered firewall, cloud access security broker, and DNS security into one cloud-based architecture – with no hardware to install or update
  • Security that is proactive rather than reactive, using machine learning models from Cisco Talos to block malicious activity before it ever reaches your network or endpoints, even if attacks target gaps in set user policies
  • The simplest security configuration in the industry, protecting any and all connected devices company-wide within 30 minutes with DNS layer security
  • Consistent policies across remote locations with automated updates across all firewalls, drastically reducing network management time
  • In a security efficacy test performed by AV-TEST Cisco Umbrella received the highest threat detection rate in the industry at 96.39%
  • On and off-site monitoring of device activity, with differentiated profiles for role based filtering

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