The Countries With The Fastest Public WiFi

With the new year rolling in, the age of tomorrow is dawning on us. Gone are the days when to log on to the World Wide Web we needed a home telephone, a thousand different wires and the hope that no one else within ten miles was online at the same time. Today we enjoy wireless networks that allow fluid and seamless connectivity. Analysts estimate in 2018 WiFi could grow to 300 million hotspots globally, but as of now, which nation has the fastest public WiFi?

5. The UK

The United Kingdom edges into the top five with more foundations being laid, especially in London, which is the financial centre of Europe. Partner companies, along with the government, worked hard in 2017 to install hundreds of devices in public fixtures such as lamp posts and old phone booths, with these hotspots reportedly having speeds of up to 1Gbps.

4. Denmark

As announced in 2014, Denmark is succeeding in its long-term “smart cities” initiative to have lamp posts detect cyclists and increase their brightness accordingly. They also sense when there’s a bin that needs emptying and serve as free public WiFi hotspots. The scheme is being developed in conjunction with Cisco in Copenhagen.

3. Switzerland

Switzerland remains as one of the front-runners in the fastest public WiFi – locals and tourists can access the internet in areas such as public squares, parks, beaches, and museums. A resort near Davos recently opened a new chairlift that comes with free public WiFi for the eight-minute ride to the top.

2. Singapore

Continuing to impress, Singapore has moved up the list in recent years, which makes sense as this small island-country has become the aerial for WiFi in the Philippines. The government still aims to upgrade the hotspots to faster speeds and reach 20,000 across the country by the end of 2018.

1. Lithuania

Still at the top of the list for fastest public WiFi is Lithuania, with average download speeds of 16.6 Mbps. The country seems very focused on promoting itself as the best option for enterprises to set up shop as it tries to attract more international investment.

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