A World Without WiFi: How Would ‘Unplugged’ Feel?

Internet access has not only become a way of life, it’s become something we feel strongly entitled to in the western world. It’s become such a commodity at home and at work that we’ve even become justified in our frustration when we experience slow speeds, poor connection or a weak cellular service.

When you really consider it, you probably struggle to imagine how your day would look without it; how you’d communicate with colleagues and clients at work, how you’d keep track of your finances, how you’d get from A to B avoiding motorway closures and a myriad of other challenges that the internet helps us circumvent or shortcut.

The simple fact is that today’s world couldn’t operate without wireless connectivity, and neither can tomorrow’s.

But in this instance, today is #NationalDayOfUnplugging, celebrating all things switching off, and given we’re all about tech – specifically wireless networks – we thought we’d ask the team how they’d feel about a life offline.

So, just how does Redway Networks feel about a world with all its access points unplugged?

What would you miss?

    • “I would miss the ability to look up things instantly for information, using my phone as a dictionary, directory and map. I would miss emailing – but we all coped without internet once before – it just gives us the speed to obtain the information, so I would certainly miss that element of it i.e. everything being at our fingertips.”
    • “I’d certainly miss a tidy, largely paperless office! I’d also miss low cost communication!”
    • “Google Maps! Although re-learning to use actual maps wouldn’t be all bad…”
    • “I’d miss the ease of being organised and connected on the go. We take for granted how useful it is to be able to check birthdays on Facebook and send well-wishes, transfer money in seconds, set reminders without carrying scraps of paper around. Okay, I admit it, I’d be lost without Google Sheets!”
    • “I’d really miss being able to speak to friends, family and my girlfriend anywhere in the world at any time.”
    • “And perhaps most poignantly… “our jobs!””

What would you count on or enjoy more?

    • “I’d absolutely be relying on long, boozy working lunches à la 90s!”
    • “I’d certainly enjoy not seeing what everyone ate for dinner plastered all over social media… !”
    • “HAM radio.”
    • “I’d be forced to rely more on my rubbish short term memory. I’d enjoy life possibly slowing down a little and having a screen or two less.”
    • “I’d have to go back to sending letters, cards, or travelling more… not all bad!”


    Let us know what you’d miss most/least by commenting on our Twitter post for #NationalDayOfUnplugging!