We provide WiFi 6 solutions, core and edge switching and next-generation firewalls that support the high-density, high-security needs of classroom environments. We only endorse world leading cloud-networking technology that meets the specifications set by DfE for approved grant funding, and can support your school throughout the programme from form submissions to installation and support.

  • High-performance WiFi solutions from Tier 1 vendors that meet Department for Education specifications and are approved by the CtC scheme
  • Assistance with your application, including help filling in and submitting designs, quotes and Department for Education forms.
  • WiFi-6 access points, lifetime warranty on hardware, multi-gigabit core & edge switching
  • Minimum 5-year licence including support, cloud-controlled dashboard & software upgrades

Next Steps

Once your school's funding is approved, contact us using the button below and one of our WiFi experts will call to discuss your project requirements in detail.

We will then provide you with a quote in the format that meets the DfE's requirements and liaise with the Connect the Classroom team to ensure approval, amending plans if necessary.

Once your project is approved, we will conduct an onsite survey to confirm your infrastructure requirements. We will complete a technical evaluation of your school and its current solution, and estimate the performance gains you will get from WiFi 6 in a comprehensive report as part of our WiFi surveys.

Our expert installation and support engineers will then take over your project including full site survey to finalise your design, installation and test of your wireless network solution.

Once installed, we can provide full training and ongoing support.

Contact our Connect the Classroom Team

Why Choose Redway Networks?

We are independent wireless experts who have extensive experience within the education sector. We only endorse world-leading wireless technology and believe in finding a platform that fits your exact educational needs and will deliver ultimate coverage, capacity, security and reliability. Our next generation WiFi will future-proof your school’s network capacity for years to come by providing a seamless digital experience for cloud, video, IoT and other data offloading

Our team of certified wireless experts will recommend the best WiFi solution for your school or college and guide you through the complete process from survey through to installation and support. We offer:

  • 24/7 proactive phone support
  • System management and monitoring
  • Remote access troubleshooting
  • Wireless network maintenance
  • User training
  • Network audits & surveys