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Warehouse WiFi

WiFi plays an integral role in the day to day operations of most modern warehouses. And, as such always needs to be relied on to function properly. Warehouse and distribution environments can be complex and demanding. When it comes to installing a warehouse WiFi solution, it needs to fit every requirement that you set. WiFi for warehouses needs to have a strong wireless signal to be adequately robust, and the coverage needs to be wide enough. Overlapping signals, however, must be avoided to keep interference at a minimum.

With so many variables and considerations to keep in mind, it’s essential that you choose warehouse wireless specialists to assist with your warehouse networking requirements. Our expertise in warehouse wireless installations will ensure that your productivity and connectivity is maximised, ensuring the highest level of efficiency from your warehouse and workforce.



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Technology Supplies Ltd

Technology Supplies Ltd

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Redway Networks specialise in warehouse wireless solutions and offer a range of warehouse barcode scanners to complement your WiFi network. Warehouses are fast moving and heavy-duty environments and the warehouse barcode scanners will need to withstand these industrial environments. Many of our devices are encased in dust proof housing to ensure longevity. We also offer scanners that are rubber cased to ensure they withstand any inevitable impact of a busy warehouse.

Redway Networks can help you source the right wireless barcode scanners for your business. We are proud to partner with the leading wireless barcode scanner manufacturers including Zebra, Datalogic and Honeywell to give your business the latest technology in wireless scanning solutions.


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Wireless barcode scanners have become an integral part of warehouse and distribution centres, with technology ever more important within the digital world we are in today. As consumers want goods faster, there are a vast range of benefits that wireless barcode scanners can bring to accelerate and expand business operations, they include:

  • – Enhance productivity and efficiency
  • – Improved stock accuracy
  • – Access to multiple enterprise solutions
  • – Reduce operational costs


Redway Networks partner with the leading brands to bring you the highest performing wireless barcode scanners and mobile devices to suit every type of environment. Our specialist team will work with your business to understand your requirements from your scanning solutions. Our range of solutions include:

  • – General Barcode Wireless Scanners
  • – Rugged/Industrial Scanners
  • – Handheld Computers
  • – Fixed and vehicle Mounted devices
  • – Wearable Devices
Warehouse WiFi Solutions


As well as offering a range of warehouse barcode scanners, Redway Networks has a huge wealth of experience in warehouse WiFi networking. We provide a range of WiFi solutions to suit your operational needs. If you are looking to implement a new WiFi network to power your warehouse barcode scanners or if you are having issues with your existing network then we are here to help. From the initial planning phase to the site survey and finally the installation, we’ll work together with your organisation every step of the way. Our goal is to take the headache out of managing a major infrastructure project such as installing a complex warehouse WiFi solution.


Redway Networks are warehouse wireless specialists and have worked across a range of projects, varying in both complexity and size. We pride ourselves on offering a full end-to-end approach, delivering a completely turnkey WiFi networking solution to your warehouse.

Redway Networks have implemented WiFi networks and implemented barcode scanning solutions across a wide range of warehouse and logistic environments. So, whether you are small warehouse or a large distribution centre we can help find the right solutions for your business.

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