Secondary School WiFi

One thing is clear about the future of learning; an environment where education can thrive comes down to high performance connectivity.

The increasing reliance of teaching on technology means classrooms are changing at the pace of technology itself. Secondary schools are rapidly moving away from pens, text books and PCs and towards 1:1 laptops and tablets, interactive boards, digital curriculums and online resources, to say nothing of emerging tech like AR/VR and robotics.

In addition to the growing range of digital devices now used in secondary schools, networks must also support exponentially higher numbers; both students and staff are using multiple devices at any time to educate, collaborate and communicate, and both expect a seamless digital experience that is fast, reliable and secure. Education has also become untethered, expedited by the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether students are in classrooms, roaming at school or at home, the student experience must stay consistent and uninterrupted, marking a significant shift from the learning landscape of even 5 years ago.

Secondary schools in particular are making shifts towards being hyper-connected smart spaces, where cloud-based dashboards allow control of everything from classroom temperatures and CCTV to 1:1 devices and WiFi access points. The benefits both to the learning experience and school budgets are becoming increasingly hard to ignore, whether saving costs on energy bills by turning off dormant equipment to automating network performance according to usage. Capacity for the increased data collation, analysis and throughput that smart schools and their devices rely on is, therefore, vital.

Benefits of future-focused, cloud-based wireless networking in secondary schools

  • Cloud-based networks allow for more agile, efficient network monitoring and management, with total network visibility and control from anywhere, any time
  • Total device control, allowing IT teams to protect students, locate devices, and enabling teachers to keep pupils focused, engaged and on-track during lessons
  • Network-wide auto-updates and patches, automating time-consuming tasks such as encryption updates
  • Reduces the resources needed to deploy and configure hardware with zero touch provisioning
  • High capacity networks capable of supporting 1:1 devices, platforms and processes
  • 10 years of bandwidth for emerging tech such as AR/VR, robotics and IoT

Not sure where to start with your secondary school WiFi?

Improving WiFi performances requires a thorough understanding of how your wireless network is performing. Our WiFi engineers have vast amounts of experience in improving network performance, whether you’re looking to fault-find and fix, design a new network or maintain an existing one.

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The impact of legacy networks on secondary school education

Digital transformation in secondary schools presents both an opportunity and a challenge. Using digital technology to enhance the student experience is an increasing focus for teachers, and allows them to boost focus, collaboration and communication, however it relies on more than just deploying devices; it relies on an IT network that can cope with scaling technology. Classrooms have changed enormously in the last 10 years, but many secondary schools are still using networks just as old. These networks are incapable of sufficiently supporting the needs of today’s schools from security to capacity.

Future-ready networks for future-focused classrooms

With education changing in line with technology advancements, secondary schools in particularly need networks that have anticipatory capacity and performance for tomorrow’s EdTech. These future-focused networks don’t just need to offer the highest levels of bandwidth and security, they also need to streamline monitoring and management to avoid IT teams growing at the same rate as the network itself. Cloud-based WiFi networks mean school IT teams can benefit from features that save time and resources, including automated network management, zero touch provisioning, and total network visibility in a single pane of glass.

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Why choose Redway Networks?

We are experts in networking and Wi-Fi for secondary schools and have helped transform thousands of educational organisations across the UK into smarter spaces where learning, teaching, and socialising are supported by future-ready connectivity. We only work with industry-leading partners including HPE Aruba and Cisco Meraki, and our extensive product knowledge means we make even the most complex projects simple.

We’re a partner with Everything ICT – the cost-effective, compliant and convenient procurement framework for education. As suppliers, we’ve gone through rigorous evaluations on areas like value for money, innovation, customer service, insurance cover, compliance with relevant legislations and case study/reference checks. We understand the process involved in working to frameworks and can offer an end-to-end service around your needs and timescales, flexing to fit.

From your initial conversation with us, through to ongoing network support, our extensive experience in education means we understand the specific financial, operational and educational requirements of secondary schools, and we focus on delivering an end-to-end service that is bespoke at every stage.