With MATs and EdTech alike set to grow, successful learning environments – underpinned by high-performance connectivity – must be established. This is where future-ready, cloud-managed networks excel.

Education is changing at an increasing speed alongside technology, best practice, and the needs of tomorrow’s workforce – all at a time of unprecedented change when it comes to government policies, where and how students learn, and the mediums for delivering and assessing curriculums. Despite so much change, one thing is easy to predict – the digitisation of education. It has prompted a rise in connected devices and applications which is only set to grow further, making campuses an increasingly complex place to monitor, manage and secure. This couldn’t be more challenging than for MATs, where not one but multiple schools must have reliable, always-on access to shared platforms, processes and resources.

Next-gen wired and wireless networking for MATs:

  • Cloud-based networks allow for more agile, efficient network monitoring and management, with total network visibility and control from anywhere, any time, removing the need for dedicated school IT teams, or on-site visits
  • Powerful, intuitive cloud-based dashboards can connect your whole network – wired and wireless – and offer ease of management in a single pane of glass, saving IT teams time and solving issues before they affect learning
  • Trust-wide network capacity for 10 years, with robust, always-on switching supported by zero-touch provisioning and automated config, making it easy to scale bandwidth and onboard new schools
  • Reduces the resources needed to manage MAT networks by automating time-consuming tasks, offering real-time network analysis and intervention, and auto-installing updates with zero downtime
  • End point, network, and physical security designed to tackle the elevated risks facing MATs, from cyber-attacks to break-ins
  • Competitive pricing and low total cost of ownership, with offers from tier 1 partners giving 10 year licences for the cost of 5

Not sure where to start with your Trust’s network?

Improving network performances requires a thorough understanding of how your current solution is performing. Our engineers have vast amounts of experience in improving performance and giving , whether you’re looking to fault-find and fix, design a new network or maintain an existing one.

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Delivering smart campuses with capacity for the future of learning

The expected digital experience of students and staff has shifted, and campuses are becoming hyper-connected, smart spaces where cloud-based dashboards allow control of everything from classroom temperatures and CCTV to 1:1 devices and remote learning. Seamless, uninterrupted connectivity supporting all of these functions is also expected, whether in classrooms, roaming around or between campuses, as well as remotely.

Capacity for the increased data collation, analysis and throughput that smart schools and their devices rely on is, therefore, vital. Trusts without this future-ready foundation will progressively struggle to offer the standards of learning that both students and staff expect.

Streamlined, efficient multi-site network management for scaling MATs

MAT wireless networks must offer performance to more than just end users. With reliance on networks rising, monitoring and managing networks is both a more complex and critical task. Next-gen networks – both wired and wireless – need to simplify this task so that the IT teams aren’t scaling personnel in line with the network. MATs already benefit from being able to pool resources centrally, often contributing to a more joined-up way of working for a consolidated cost – especially when it comes to Trust-wide services like IT.

Cloud-based networks further support the streamlining of IT by allowing Trusts to automate time-consuming tasks, consolidate network visibility into a single pane of glass, and reduce support requests, freeing up time for IT teams to focus on projects that move the Trust forward. Future-focused solutions are invaluable for growing multi-site organisations like Trusts, as they have the capacity to make the scaling size and scope of networks irrelevant.

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At Redway Networks we help Multi-Academy Trusts accelerate digital transformation with future-ready campus-wide networks. We partner with the world-leaders in cloud-networking technology to deliver networking solutions that enable academies to exceed student and staff expectations and stay protected from network, application, and physical threats. Our expertly designed, user-friendly cloud-networking solutions deliver seamless connectivity, better reliability, superior security, and faster WiFi speeds. With our solutions your Multi-Academy Trust will be able to deploy faster, manage anywhere, scale reliably and secure predictability.

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