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WiFi for Schools

Fast, reliable and secure school WiFi has never been more important as it connects numerous wireless technologies within classrooms, libraries and buildings and the way students learn has revolutionised over the last decade. Classrooms now utilise interactive whiteboards and students submit their work via online submission programmes. School and college students regularly use videos and rich media within their classes and need to access online information quickly. Teachers relying on robust WiFi to access vital information such as SIMS and provide the latest teaching resources. With BYOD, students have access to their device, both at home and in the classroom which is great for encouraging anytime learning, but can present other issues with network security. Therefore a fast, secure and robust school WiFi network is an essential requirement for education establishments today.

Redway Networks is an educational WiFi expert who provides schools and colleges with fast, reliable wireless connectivity that supports digital learning and teaching. We partner with world-leading technology companies to bring you the educational technology you need to enhance your school’s -learning.

At Redway Networks we are dedicated to delivering fast, reliable school WiFi that gives you seamless connectivity to online applications and is bespoke to suit your exact requirements. Whether you are a small primary school or large college, we have the EdTech you need to ensure your requirements are met and you are always connected.

  • School WiFi surveys
  • Wireless design, configuration and installation
  • School wireless management
  • 24/7 support
  • Web filtering and classroom management software from Lightspeed
  • Educational hardware from Lenovo

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WiFi in Education

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Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School

Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School

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  • Remote Learning with Relay

    Education Wifi Brochure

    Education Wifi Brochure

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    We now have a fast, reliable wireless solution that supports digital teaching and learning without interruption. I will definitely be using Redway Networks for our future promises as its WiFi expertise and service is amazing. They delivered on all their promises and made the switch over to our new wireless a simple process.


    School WiFi Site Survey

    School WiFi Site Survey

    WiFi site surveys are highly important when designing and planning a new school WiFi network. Schools, colleges and universities need to support large numbers of students.  And they need the very best coverage, security and reliability when investing in a new school wireless network. Therefore a WiFi survey is recommended to ensure consistent coverage within the education environment. Our experienced Ekahau engineers will attend your school or campus to carry out an extensive survey. They will analyse all areas of your site including size, construction and outside interference, as well as checking your existing school WiFi connection. They will then provide a detailed report on our findings and recommendations for the best education WiFi network for your school, college or university.


    School Wireless Design and Installation

    School Wireless Design and Installation

    Redway Networks specialise in school wireless network design. And we have implemented fast and secure wireless networks throughout many schools and colleges across the UK. Our engineers will carry out the initial wireless site survey at your school, college or university. They will then be able to design your wireless network taking all the findings into account to provide your institution with the highest levels of speed, coverage and security. Our expert WLAN engineers will produce a detailed design with recommendations of hardware requirements and locations for maximum wireless coverage. Your school WiFi network will be designed with the latest technologies from our industry leading partners including Aerohive and Aruba/HPE to offer long term scalability and high performance. Our WiFi engineers will visit your site and fit all equipment,  as well as carrying out rigorous testing to ensure that your school WiFi network meets all your requirements.

    Benefits of Education WiFi

    Benefits of Education WiFi

    Fast and secure WiFi networks are essential in today’s education system. It allows numerous wireless technologies throughout your classrooms, libraries and buildings. These are just a few of the vast range of benefits of education WiFi to both students and teachers:

    • Improved learning facilities
    • Instant access to wide range of online resources
    • Easier collaboration with peers and teachers
    • Increased student engagement and interaction
    • Efficient reporting and staff administration
    • Improved parent/teacher communications
    School Wireless Management

    School Wireless Management

    As well as design and installation, we offer a complete support and maintenance service to help ensure your education WiFi network systems are operating optimally. The Redway Networks TAC helpdesk is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week all year round, manned by specialist engineers to provide help and advice when you need it. And our proactive support team constantly monitors your systems to identify and rectify problems before they can severely affect the quality of your school WiFi network.

    Why Choose Redway Networks?

    Redway Networks is an enterprise WiFi expert who specialises in delivering complete end-to-end wireless solutions that help organisations improve connectivity, efficiency and mobility. We provide bespoke wireless solution for your business office, warehouse, construction site or school with a complete WiFi design, configuration, installation and support service.

    From the initial planning phase to the site survey and installation, our experienced team of certified engineers will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your WiFi solution is custom designed and meets your exact requirements with minimal disruption to your business. Through our partnerships with leading enterprise grade manufacturers, we bring you the most innovative wireless networking solutions available today.

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    Lightspeed Systems

    Lightspeed SystemsLightspeed Systems are the leading provider in school web filtering solutions and mobile device management within the education sector. They are the perfect partner to ensure that students and devices are secure, managed and working optimally. Lightspeed Systems offer a range of solutions to manage mobile devices and online classroom activity. Their software ensures that students are kept safe and have helped thousands of schools worldwide protect and engage their students.

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