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Reedbut Group Improves Efficiency Across Nationwide Warehouses with Next-Gen Wi-Fi from Redway Networks

As one of the leading sheet plant manufacturers of eco-friendly packaging, Reedbut Group must respond to tight delivery demands across the UK, Europe and the wider world. This relies on seamless warehouse operations with increasing amounts of tech hardware and software, from devices to automation. The warehouse was experiencing dropouts and slow speeds due to an outdated Netgear wireless solution, impacting efficiency and restricting ROI, especially in regards to newer systems such as AI.

The new Wi-Fi solution has delivered:

  • Complete network visibility and streamlined network management thanks to a single pane of glass dashboard in Cambium cnMaestro
  • Improvement in warehouse productivity and efficiency by supporting successful automation, enhancing both distribution and customer service

  • Seamless migration to cloud-managed WiFi-6, with no impact to business thanks to a fully pre-staged and tested solution

Our new Cambium wireless solution is delivering fast, reliable coverage which has streamlined operations and enabled us to support successful automated warehousing.

Trevor Green, Group Managing Director at Reedbut Group

reedbut group warehouse automation

The Challenge

Reedbut’s existing Netgear wireless solution was outdated and could no longer support the coverage and connectivity demands of Reedbut’s warehouses, including increasing amounts of automation and AI. Reedbut holds stock for several large retailers in their warehouses in Milton Keynes, Andover and Rochester, and products need to be shipped quickly to meet timescales, so warehouse productivity plays an important role in business operations.

Trevor Green, Group Managing Director for Reedbut Group knew that the wireless network was holding the company back, with warehouse dropouts occurring, harming efficiency and customer satisfaction. Find out how we future-proofed Reedbut’s warehouse productivity in the full case study.


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