Pets Corner

Pets Corner supports warehousing operations in its new distribution services warehouse with high-performance WiFi from Redway Networks.

The UK’s leading ethical pet retailer has implemented a fast, reliable enterprise wireless solution from Redway Networks in its newly constructed warehouse in Handcross, West Sussex. The new wireless solution provides reliable connectivity that supports its national distribution of products to 149 national stores.

The new WiFi solution has delivered:

  • High-performing wireless coverage that ensures the efficient flow of pet products in and out of the warehouse
  • Seamless communication that supports warehouse & logistical operations
  • Improved supply chain thanks to a secure WiFi signal that never loses connection in the warehouse whether indoors or outdoors
  • Reliable communication between staff, stock and logistics
  • No darkspots thanks to directional antenna installs that support the high capacity, complex warehouse environment

Redway Networks delivered on every front and we now have a modern, robust, secure wireless network solution capable of supporting Pets Corner’s business operations both now and into the future

Richard Smith, IT Infrastructure Project Manager, YourDMS

The Challenge

The growth of Pets Corner as one of the UK’s leading pet retailers necessitated the construction of a larger warehouse, and as such the process of installing a new wireless network on a ‘greenfield’ site was deemed high risk. Avoiding common issues like dropouts and patchy coverage were vital if the new warehouse were to support continued growth through ongoing automation and employment of the latest logistics tech.

Redway Networks not only had experience in warehouse environments but also in construction sites, and as such could be flexible to Pets Corner’s needs and anticipate how the progressive changes to the site would affect end-performance of the new wireless network.

Through the successful delivery of a high-performance WiFi solution, Pets Corner now has a network that can support streamlined distribution to 149 stores nationwide.


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