Horsham District Council

Horsham District Council improves network security and reduces network management costs with a next-gen Firewall from Redway Networks

Over 800 users connect to Horsham District Council’s network at any time, either on-site or remotely, via Microsoft Data Access. Not only was their legacy security architecture complex and clunky to manage, its depth of defence was no longer adequate to protect the Council from the elevated risk of cyber-attacks which have rocketed in recent years. With a rising number of end points, many accessing sensitive data from remote locations, Horsham District Council needed a solution that could simplify and strengthen network security.

The new security solution has delivered:

  • Depth of defence has been significantly improved by a next-gen Meraki MX firewall, bringing intrusion prevention, content filtering, anti-malware, geo-based firewalling and remote access connectivity
  • With its 5-year MX support licence, Meraki will save Horsham Council around £30,000 over the next five years in upgrade and support costs, standard with Meraki firewalls

  • The shift to remote working has hugely increased the risk of cyberattacks due to a much higher number of connected, off-site devices, each a potential breach to security. The Council is now fully protected for today’s hybrid working

Our new Meraki firewall has not only improved our security infrastructure but will save the Council around £30,000 in upgrade and support costs over the next five years based on what we were spending in support costs with our previous security vendors.

Faz Sadough, Senior IT Engineer at Horsham District Council

horsham district council network security

The Challenge

The Council’s network security was inadequate protection against today’s threats, having reached the end of its life. Security was also difficult to manage, as they were running 2 firewalls from different vendors causing the network to be overly complicated and more time consuming to manage. With over 800 daily users, many connecting from remote locations, bulletproof security is essential to protect confidential and sensitive data.

Faz Sadough, Senior IT Engineer at Horsham District Council said, “with both [firewalls] coming to end of life we needed a new firewall that had the capabilities to improve our depth of defence and give us complete control over the network via the cloud. Find out how we secured their network in our full case study.


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