Fladgate LLP

Fladgate improves agile working and collaboration with a new hyper-secure WiFi 6 solution.

After conducting a WiFi survey, Redway Networks identified several issues with Fladgate’s existing wireless solution which couldn’t support the firm’s flexible working strategy.   In order to encourage collaborative working for staff and improve the user experience for its clients, Fladgate chose a new WiFi 6 solution from wireless networking experts Redway Networks.

The new WiFi 6 solution has delivered:

  • Fast, reliable wireless network that supports Fladgate’s commitment to agile working
  • Improved security with four levels of wireless access for users and complete control of devices
  • Enhanced collaborative working for staff with seamless WiFi roaming and consistent speed
  • Improved customer service with a bespoke WiFi experience for returning clients
  • Improved capacity, better coverage and reduced network congestion with the highest level of security

Our new WiFi has improved collaboration and client service and the level of engagement, service and flexibility we received from Redway Networks was brilliant.

Chris Stedman, Head of IT, Fladgate

Fladgate requires a superior WiFi and turns to Redway Networks

Fladgate’s wireless network was less than satisfactory and the firm was experiencing dropouts in parts of the office. The firm is committed to supporting agile working and ensuring a high-quality client experience so an upgrade to a more superior wireless network was an investment to support the firm’s responsibility to both its staff and clients.

Redway Networks identified several issues with Fladgate’s existing WiFi and installed a new robust wireless solution, that included 40 high density access points in Fladgate’s five-floor office.

Staff now have seamless roaming with consistent speed and visitor client service has been improved through a bespoke wireless experience.

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