Anthem Schools Trust

The new Wi-Fi 6 solution has delivered:

  • Supporting lean IT that can deliver high-performance connectivity to 6,700+ students across 8 schools
  • Cloud-based management has improved efficiency of the IT function, sharpened and widened network visibility, and reduced costs

  • Improved data quality and security using a unified platform that enables total-network visibility and control

The static classroom has been replaced by more diverse learning styles and we’re providing better technology to support a curriculum with less time in the classroom so we
can point the resource where it’s needed.

Ross Weeks, Head of IT & Digital Strategy at Anthem Schools Trust

network management for schools

The Challenge

Anthem Schools Trust was facing the ongoing challenge of ensuring robust, connected experiences for its schools who all had a different legacy wireless network. Anthem’s key education specialists regularly taught at each school site and the slow WiFi was impacting lesson time. Its IT team was also having to manage several school networks with limited resources, whilst prioritising the student experience. A solution was needed to standardise and streamline network management across the Trust.

Find out how Anthem Schools Trust transitioned to a Wi-Fi 6, cloud-managed network solution in our full case study.


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