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Caravan Park WiFi

Specialists in caravan and holiday park WiFi to provide maximum connectivity.

Caravan park WiFi and holiday park WiFi is increasingly becoming an expectation from holiday visitors and home owners. Guests now assume that they will be able to check emails, use social media, as well as being able to stream videos on holiday and therefore the requirements of the holiday park WiFi network are greater than ever before.

Redway Networks are caravan park WiFi experts and have a wealth of experience dealing with the challenging environments of a holiday park site. Many are in rural locations and cover a large expanse with possible interference from surroundings. Therefore choosing a wireless specialist is essential when there are so many variables to consider.

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Holiday parks are leisure environments and customers want to experience the WiFi they are used to using at home. By providing a strong holiday park WiFi network will ensure guest satisfaction and will put you ahead of competitors who do not offer this facility, as well as many other benefits:

  • Improved customer experience
  • Increase in positive customer reviews, tourism and marketing rankings
  • Longer customer visits and repeat bookings
  • Increased sales of holiday homes
  • Potential of additional revenue when charging for WiFi services
  • Increased marketing opportunities using branded log in pages
Holiday Park WiFi Survey


Wifi site surveys are imperative when designing and planning a new holiday park WiFi network, particularly when they cover a large area and have scope for interference. Our team of specialist engineers will visit the site and conduct a full site survey using the latest technology to understand the potential challenges of the park environment and this will be carefully considered when designing the holiday park WiFi network to ensure maximum connectivity for your guests. Our specialists will take into account any possible interference such as trees or certain materials that could impact the WiFi coverage. The survey will then define the equipment needed to give the very best performance from the holiday park WiFi, including both outdoor and indoor coverage.

As well as surveying for new or upgrading caravan site wireless networks, we are highly skilled in troubleshooting areas of WiFi loss within park environments. Holiday parks can be complex environments and are team have a wealth of experience in diagnosing and solving issues within these operations.


Caravan Park WiFi Design and Planning


As well as specialising in caravan park WiFi solutions, we also have a vast amount of experience in designing and planning wireless networks across a range of leisure environments, such as campsites and holiday villages. Whatever the size of your holiday park, we can design a network to ensure that your site offers a fast and reliable connection. Our team will design your network using enterprise grade Access points which are specifically designed for both outdoor and indoor use to ensure constant coverage across the entire site. Our Ekahau certified engineers will also determine the optimal placement of the access points to provide maximum coverage and minimal overlap, taking the site layout into careful consideration. We will then arrange of our team to visit your site for the installation, working round your park operation to minimise any disruption. We can also offer a post-installation survey and examination of the caravan park WiFi solution to ensure it is working at optimal efficiency.


Redway Networks are holiday park WiFi specialists and have worked across a range of projects, varying in both complexity and size. We pride ourselves on offering a full end-to-end approach, delivering a completely turnkey WiFi networking solution to your site. From the initial planning phase to the site survey and finally the installation, we’ll work together with your organisation every step of the way. Our goal is to take the headache out of managing a major infrastructure project such as installing a new caravan park WiFi solution.

Our enterprise solutions are built using the newest technology from brands such as Aerohive and Aruba/HPE. This allows us to deploy reliable, flexible and scalable network solutions across any of your parks. We use the latest products and technology to provide a high level of security and performance for your WiFi.

Redway Networks have implemented WiFi networks across a wide range of holiday parks, whether you are small campsite or a large holiday village we can help find the right WiFi solution for your business.

Call us today on 01908 046400 to discuss how we can assist with your requirements.

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