How You Can Use Retail WiFi To Improve Customer Shopping Experience

Retailers are increasingly dependent on mobile IT devices to keep track of stock, act as points of sale and perform customer service tasks. For these to function smoothly, promote business efficiency and customer satisfaction, the store needs a high-quality retail WiFi solution that can support the growing number of devices and users.

Creative use of digital services

Modern WLAN installations can also cope with HD video for security and customer tracking purposes, helping store owners create better layouts and monitor footfall. It can also allow departments or retail partners to operate connected services like virtual reality sales tools, or digital mirrors that let customers try different colour makeup or clothing without physically trying them all on.

With stores streaming more promotional material to digital screens, and as more retailers deploy beacon technology to track customers and make offers directly to their devices, the demand for bandwidth will only grow. To meet these needs, an Aerohive solution provides enterprise retail WiFi that offers high-quality wireless across the store.

Retail WiFi for the customer

A reality for retailers in the digital age is that customers will often come into a store and do some price checking or product research on their smartphone. With mobile signals often degraded in large stores or warehouse-style retail buildings, they may need to rely on WiFi to do this, and if they need to walk out the store to get a signal they might not come back in.

Another reality is that many public WiFi hotspots provide poor connectivity that rapidly frustrates users and will see them moving on. To avoid these situations, an accessible and easy-to-connect to WiFi solution is needed to ensure customers can connect and do their research or social media sharing. They also give the retailer the opportunity to connect with the customer, gain some details about them, and provide a way to share offers and information.

We can provide a wireless site survey and tailored installation that reaches all corners of the retail outlet with sufficient bandwidth to run any back office, customer service or promotional tasks. Get in touch to find out how we can help support your stores.