WiFi Problem? Say Hello To The VLAN Probe

There’s a problem with your wifi – so who’s to blame? Many of us might have a propensity to blame the network – but if you are signed up to a reliable wifi provider such as Aerohive, this might be wide of the mark. In many cases, the problem can lie in the wired network in your commercial enterprise, and luckily Aerohive have designed the perfect tool for getting to the bottom of this issue.

The VLAN Probe is available in the enterprise mobility management solution HiveManager NG. It’s an incredible troubleshooter, and allows wifi network administrators to get to the bottom of whether an issue exists on a wired network, rather than the wireless network. The logical way of assessing a wifi problem is to look at the entire network (wireless and wired) from a holistic point of view. This involves looking at an issue from the ground up, which in this case in a wired network.

In the case of a school, for example, there might be three separate SSIDs for students, teachers and guests. Each of these SSIDs can be mapped to a separate VLAN as part of the VLAN Probe, before being mapped to different subnets, with IP addresses being supplied from the network DHOP server.

This system responds perfectly to a common problem encountered by IT support, in which users complain that they appear to be connected to have a wifi connection, but can’t connect to a network. All you need is the VLAN Probe to conduct a quick check which will determine if the wired side of the network is the problem, by assessing the range of the IP addresses which the various SSIDs have.

And the VLAN Probe’s capabilities don’t stop there – you can keep a constant eye on your various networks and client applications by reviewing the client health score which it provides, based on if a wireless client is successful in acquiring its network settings from a DHCP server.

This easy to understand points system makes maintaining a wifi network in good health a far less complicated process – here’s to the VLAN Probe. Contact us today to find out more or visit our website. https://www.redwaynetworks.com/enterprise/