Is It Time To Think About Your Stadium WiFi?

Wireless networking is now available in coffee shops, supermarkets, libraries and public transport. So, is now time to embrace stadium WiFi? The answer is a resounding yes, and below we explain why your stadium should think about WiFi.

Enrich the live experience

Nothing can beat watching a ‘live’ game, but the ability to stay connected to the outside world while watching that game can only help to enrich the live experience. Fans can tweet photographs, browse the internet and post on Facebook, all while in your stadium. We all now expect to be connected, no matter where we are, so your customers will expect to be able to access WiFi.

Keep younger fans

If you want to keep those younger fans, then you need to provide WiFi. The younger fans are connected to social media 24/7 and will assume that they can stay connected while watching a game. You can also use a stadium app to enable fans to watch action replays and to then order food and drinks within the stadium. You really need to be offering a fully interactive service via the use of stadium WiFi.

Competition with the big screen

The entertainment business is now facing an even bigger struggle to entice people out of their homes in order to watch sport, such as a football match or an ice hockey game. Today, they are competing against big-screen televisions and home entertainment systems. They need to offer the same home entertainment, plus the live match element, and this means ensuring that individuals can stay connected to the Internet while in their stadium.

Fast and reliable stadium WiFi connectivity

As a final point, it’s important that WiFi connectivity is fast and reliable. You need to choose a provider who is able to deliver seamless WiFi on a large scale and at a budget to suit your finances. It needs to be workable and able to deal with large capacity needs.

Here, at Redway Networks, we can provide your stadium with Aerohive networking, giving your customers the freedom to use smartphones or tablets while watching their favourite game. Get in touch with our team today to discuss in more detail or to request a wireless site survey of your stadium.