WiFi In Healthcare – Why Is It So Important?

Patient services and medical equipment are constantly evolving, and technology needs to evolve to keep up with the demand. One of the biggest technological advances in healthcare within the past decade has undoubtedly been the implementation of WiFi in healthcare to advance and develop services.

Reliable WiFi capability has become an integral part of any healthcare provider’s technical infrastructure, providing not only convenience but also a framework for the delivery of services.

Why choose Aerohive for healthcare establishments?

Aerohive can provide WiFi for large establishments including healthcare institutions to cover the connectivity requirements of the enterprise. Even the largest hospital trusts can utilise Aerohive’s services, with a single HiveManager being able to scale to 1+ million managed devices, with regional data centres being able to handle over 10 million connected clients.

WiFi in healthcare settings and hospitals is being used more and more to enhance care and patient satisfaction. For example, WiFi-enabled devices can be tracked and located quickly within the institution, such as infusion pumps, defibrillators, and portable monitors. Many institutions are also implementing private networks for data security, and for providing seamless connectivity between patients and staff. Time is money, and in healthcare settings, time could also be the difference between life and death. Anything that is able to speed up communication, data transfer, or locating items offers more time for clinicians to spend with patients.

Real-time information is accessible from any location

Within a healthcare setting, WiFi can be implemented to stream data from connected medical devices directly to work stations or mobile devices. This allows nurses or doctors to access real-time information on the condition of a patient from any location, which can also provide alerts should the patient’s observations fall outside of pre-set levels. This has the opportunity not only to save a significant amount of time, but it also greatly enhances patient safety as their clinical condition can be continually monitored without a member of clinical staff needing to be directly at the bedside.

A final important aspect of WiFi in healthcare is that guest WiFi can prove invaluable for patients who may spend a great deal of time in hospital. It enables patients and visitors to stay connected even when they are just waiting for an appointment in a waiting room, and also helps with patient morale to have access to the internet whilst spending time recovering.

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