WiFi Apps You Can’t Afford To Miss

You can’t be in a room five minutes without someone declaring knowingly, “there’s an app for that!”. We sort the wheat from the chaff with our lowdown on the top apps enterprises and IT professionals shouldn’t live without.

1. Speedtest.net

Struggling with downloads, uploads, deployment or loading times? Download Speedtest.net for a quick, simple assessment of the speed of a device for free.

2. WiFi Analyzer

Turn your device into a WiFi Analyzer with this useful app. Find the st3rongest and least crowded network in your local area.

3. Transmit

It may be £7.99 but this app, said to be the best FTP app available on iOS, is well worth the investment. It connects easily to a server in order for you to manage your files.

4. AirPort Utility

Apple device users can utilise this app to manage WiFi networks and AirPort base stations simply and accessibly.

5. Calcbot

Calcbot is ideal for IT/WLAN professionals. Convert bytes, kilobytes, megabit, gigabit, and more for just a small cost.

6. CIDR Calculator

Need a little help with subnetting and IP addressing? This app will keep you right. People rate it for its attractive and easy-to-use interface.

7. Net Scan

Use this popular app to scan networks and analyse for flaws and loopholes, including searches on name, MAC address and IP address. It’s also one of the few apps without ads.

8. Linux Monitor

Those working with Linux servers can breathe a sigh of relief – the app you’ve always wanted is here. Keep an eye on the vitals straight from your phone, including RAM and disk usage, port activity and CPU load. Worth every penny.

9. Phoenix MySql Client

A free app to provide a simple connection to MySQL databases. Perform SQL queries and execute statements: select, create, insert, etc all from your phone.

10. Overlook Fing

And finally, the last app you can’t live without if you do any kind of networking work – Overlook Fing. From TCP port scanning and DNS look-ups, to pinging and trace route, this app has it all.

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