WiFi and GDPR: Is Aerohive A3 The Solution?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was implemented in the EU on 25th May this year, meaning businesses were forced to assess, monitor and release any customer information they held within their databases. Companies across Europe are now under a legal obligation to ensure that all personal data is discarded of unless it is required to be kept under a ‘lawful basis’.

The likes of shopping centres, restaurants and even underground trains offer customers the use of free WiFi, providing they accept their terms and conditions. However, what users fail to notice when they impatiently accept these terms is how the provider wishes to process and use this personal data. But now that the GDPR has come into place – thus changing how these internet service providers handle customers’ personal information – how will they go about protecting both their own and their customers’ data?

An opt-in/opt-out service was issued electronically leading up to the implementation date, which meant that unless a customer actively chose to opt-in (allow data to be retained) companies were required to discard of any personal data held within the database since before 25th May 2018. Whilst this option is a quick fix, companies are beginning to look for a permanent solution to solve future data protection breaches.

Is Aerohive A3 the solution?

A professional solution for businesses using wireless networks is the recently launched A3 by Aerohive. Aerohive A3 is a dynamic management solution used to control access, authentication and on-boarding on all devices connected to a company’s network. Whether you’re looking to control devices such as automated locks and printers, access user accounts via social media, or are wanting to increase and protect your network security, Aerohive A3 is a fantastic solution.

Due to its agile integration, Aerohive A3 can work alongside any existing security whilst providing a simplified work-flow and user experience. Whether users are looking to have automated device access, profiling or network control, Aerohive A3 will work to support all users and devices, making sure all avenues are secure and protected. Meaning that any private data belonging to the company and/or its customers is kept safe and secure within the network.

With Aerohive A3, companies that use the likes of Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter to promote their business will be able to access and control accounts, ensuring that only verified users have admin rights. You needn’t worry about compatibility; Aerohive A3 can be used with Android, Windows and Apple, and is versatile enough to work with various devices and software programmes.