How Offering WiFi Could Be The Difference Your Business Needs

WiFi was introduced in the 20th century, yet it’s shocking how few companies have caught on to the power it can offer to any business.

A small step, a huge difference

It may sound like a small change, but offering business WiFi could be the difference between success or failure. It would be absurd these days for a hotel not to offer WiFi, and all businesses that deal directly with customers should be the same.

Keep your customers happy

No-one likes waiting, and access to the internet can be the difference between customers being frustrated or happy and productive. Fast and free WiFi will encourage customers to keep coming back time and time again. People are likely to spend more and stay for longer if they are happy. Not being able to access the internet will discourage your customers and leave you with discouraging profits.

Help them sell to themselves

WiFi isn’t just there for browsing social media either. A lot of consumers use it to make decisions on what product they would purchase. Denying access to an online review may lose you that sale, and gain one for your competitor. In this modern world, people expect to be connected to the internet. Denying a customer that connection will leave them frustrated. Some businesses may not see it as relevant to them, but it simply is. If you don’t offer WiFi and your rival does, their customers will be happier.

Bring your business up-to-date

Being able to put up that sign showing that you have free WiFi will gain you more foot traffic, it will attract new customers and help you stand out from the crowd. It’s still acceptable for somewhere to not offer the service, but that will soon change and every business fears getting left behind. WiFi keeps people in your place of business, and if they are there for longer, they will spend more. It’s a competitive world where finding that edge can make all the difference. In a few years, almost every place will be offering free WiFi.

Make that first step

Offering WiFi is vital to keeping your business relevant. At Redway Networks, we can provide your business with Aerohive networking, providing your company with the edge over your competitors. Make that step today by contacting us for more information or request a wireless site survey of your business.

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