Why You Need To Provide Gym WiFi

From the fitness-obsessed to those just trying to maintain their health and mobility, there are plenty of different types of people down the local gym. Along with a desire to sign up for the latest fitness classes and socialise, one thing many of them will have in common is a desire for a good gym WiFi connection.

That’s so the gym bunnies at your fitness centre can sync their fitness trackers, cardio monitors or other gizmos with their health app or service to keep tabs on their progress. Those on the running machines can stream their favourite playlist to help them feel the burn, while the more sedate will be happy to share their efforts on social media, or just enjoy being able to check in as “down the gym” even though they only went for a coffee.

Health and fitness has become a highly digitised pastime, with Apple Watches, FitBits and similar sports bands glued to the wrists of swimmers, runners and yoga aficionados alike. Athletes and those looking to shed the pounds like to keep a detailed record of all those steps taken, heart rates, calories burned and other statistics. With a good gym WiFi signal, they can do that live, anywhere within the most packed of locations, or cavernous of gym spaces.

With plenty of new gym equipment ranges also connected, your business can monitor faults, usage and other details for their kit, stream music throughout the venue and perform business functions wherever the offices are, without the need for wiring in the rafters. Providing benefits for both workers and customers, a private and public gym WiFi network can encourage people to stick at their health plan in your gym and also be used to generate revenue, help boost your social media profile and much more.

Typical locations or buildings for gyms can hamper the local 4G mobile networks due to the large amount of electronics and motors in the exercise equipment, plenty of heavy metal weights to distort signals, plus pools and saunas that will further degrade signals.

Aerohive can provide customised and high-quality WiFi throughout a gym, regardless of its location or building type/contents.
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