Why WiFi is Essential in Education

Check out most homes these days and the chances are that the preferred method of connectivity is WiFi rather than archaic, wired broadband. Yet, most schools and education establishments are still using wired technology. The drawback is that wiring restricts internet access to fixed locations – most commonly a computer lab. To restrict WiFi, therefore, would be to leave a whole new generation of technology unusable in classrooms.

Just as the different members of a household enjoy internet access from anywhere in the house, so too in education WiFi connections should facilitate immediate, unlimited access to myriad online resources from anywhere in the school, college or university premises. Teachers can encourage independent and self-initiated learning among students while also developing increasingly creative ways of teaching. WiFi also helps to instantaneously monitor student progress and intervene to assist students where necessary. Such instant feedback mechanisms require wireless technologies in the classroom.

Furthermore, students’ use of an iPad (for example) offers greater personal control of their learning, helping them to search for information on the internet, practice skills with selected apps, and prepare attractive multimedia presentations.

WiFi in education establishments breaks down communication barriers, too, as its portability enhances collaboration between students and students and teachers, and inspires parental engagement by strengthening the home-school interface.

We are surrounded by extraordinary technology all dependent upon WiFi connections to engage with one another. WiFi creates opportunities for mobility, initiative and innovation, especially demonstrated by the educational applications provided through Aerohive.

Although many students own personal devices or have access to them at home, a research study from Oxford University points out that many kids face academic disadvantage through not having internet access in their homes, making access in school particularly vital. It makes sense, too, that education should be delivered in appropriately modern and sophisticated ways to sustain interest and encourage interactive engagement.

According to studies, at least 73% of teachers are using mobile devices for teaching and learning and 90% of students believe that WiFi is equally essential to education. This can only take place if there is a strong, reliable WiFi connection, so contact Redway Networks today on 01908 046400 to find out how we can help your establishment prepare for the new wave of internet learning. Or download the Education network report for more details: https://www.redwaynetworks.com/education-network-report/.

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