What is 802.11ax WiFi 6?

802.11ax (WiFi 6) is due to be the new standard when it comes to wireless LANs. It promises to deliver a much faster network and one that will be more in tune with the demands of the modern-day network.

The previous update was called 802.11ac, and although it made advancements in speed, it still carried on with the assumption that people were much more likely to be downloading content rather than uploading it.

WiFi 6 – more uploads than ever

That may have been true in years gone by, but the smartphone has played a big role in changing that. Instant access to social media and other websites has meant that more content is being uploaded than ever. The networks were still becoming overcrowded and a new way of thinking was required.

Step up 802.11ax WiFi 6

802.11ax WiFi 6 has solved this problem by redesigning how wireless networks operate, and it should be at least four times faster than existing WiFi. Not only that, however, but it also has more channels that are wider meaning the problems of an overcrowded network will be solved. This is particularly crucial in such spaces as stadiums, conferences or in schools where there will be a significant increase in capability of speed and capacity.

Previously a user could only use one channel at one time and a client would have to take turns broadcasting or listening to the network. A huge advancement with 802.11ax (WiFi 6) is the orthogonal frequency division multiple access (ODMFA) which will mean that multiple people can use the same channel at any one time.

The end of the crowded network

The latest update to the wireless network seems like the beginning of the end for the congested networks that we have all had to suffer. Most of us have experienced the disappointment of a slow and lethargic connection to enterprise or education WiFi networks in busy corporations or schools. 802.11ax WiFi 6 changes all of that.

There are many areas where technology hasn’t quite caught up to the demands of the modern world, and wireless LANs were one such area. The 802.11ax WiFi 6 WLAN finally brings wireless up to date with what we need it to do. It’s an exciting development and one which will be widely welcomed.