Webinar: Roadmap Of What’s Next In WiFi


Delivering a quality WiFi experience can often seem like a complex, ongoing journey through changing WLAN standards and emerging technologies – stopping off not only at speed, but taking in capacity, security, privacy, and the need for visibility on the way. So what is the correct path, and where does it start today?

Join our technical experts and identify a roadmap that not only sorts today’s key challenges, but also future-proofs you for what’s next in WiFi:

  • Changing WLAN standards and technologies: 802.11ac, MU-MIMO and upcoming 802.11ax – what they all mean for your network planning
  • iBeacons and Internet of Things – Emerging technologies that are tightly linked with WiFi, hype or reality?
  • Cloud Networking – A growing platform for network management and more
  • Building robust wireless networks that withstand changes down the path

Qualified attendees also receive a free Access Point and switch to help along the way.

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