Warehouse WiFi

Warehouse WiFi specialists to ensure maximum connectivity and efficiency

Warehouse WiFi

WiFi plays an integral role in the day to day operations of most modern warehouses, and as such always needs to be relied on to function properly. Warehouse and distribution environments can be complex and demanding. When it comes to installing a warehouse WiFi solution, it needs to fit every requirement that you set. The warehouse wireless signal strength needs to be robust and the coverage needs to be wide enough, but you can’t overlap signals or else it can cause interference. With so many variables and considerations to keep in mind, it’s essential that you choose warehouse wireless specialists to help with your warehouse networking requirements. Our expertise in warehouse WiFi installations will ensure that your productivity and connectivity is maximised, ensuring the highest level of efficiency from your warehouse and workforce.

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Benefits of Warehouse WiFi

Warehouses are busy environments and therefore companies are utilising technology more and more to streamline processes and increase efficiency, which requires a reliable and robust warehouse WiFi network.

Warehouse WiFi improves productivity in the following ways:

  • Improved resource utilisation
  • Organised inventory management
  • Replace slow and error-prone paper systems
  • Real-time order fulfilment updates
  • Handheld devices for all warehouse employees
  • Improved visualisation of resources and analytics
  • Adapt to fast-paced environments that require precision and flexibility
  • Increase in accuracy, efficiency and productivity of workforce, ultimately reducing overall costs of operation

These are just a few of the major advantages you can expect to see when you install a secure and robust warehouse WiFi solution.

Warehouse WiFi Site Survey

Wireless site surveys are critical when designing and planning a new warehouse WiFi network as warehouse and logistics environments are complex and challenging. Warehouses hold large quantities of stock and vast amount of racking, as well as moving forklift trucks and machinery which can all cause interference, therefore it is vital that a survey is carried out when investing in a new warehouse wireless network. Redway Networks specialist team of engineers have a wealth of experience in installing Warehouse WiFi and recognise the importance of consistent coverage within a supply chain environment. The potential challenges of metal racking and the changing environment of a warehouse will be carefully considered when designing the warehouse WiFi network and our team are very familiar with these complex settings.

As well as surveying for new or upgrading warehouse wireless networks, we are highly skilled in troubleshooting areas of WiFi loss within warehouse environments. As highlighted, Warehouse WiFi is a particularly complex area and our expert team have a wealth of experience of diagnosing and solving issues within these operations.


Warehouse Wireless Design and Planning

Not only do we specialise in warehouse WiFi solutions, we also have a wealth of experience in designing and planning wireless networks across a range of logistics and supply chain operations. Once our Ekahau certified engineers have carried out a site survey across your operation, they will then determine the optimal placement of access points to provide maximum coverage and minimal overlap, taking the structure into careful consideration. Our WLAN engineers will then produce a detailed design with recommendations of hardware requirements for maximum warehouse wireless coverage. We will then arrange for our team to attend your site to carry out the installation, working around your operation to minimise any disruption. If required, we’ll provide a post-installation survey and examination of the warehouse WiFi solution to ensure it’s working at optimal efficiency.

Why Choose Redway Networks?

Redway Networks are warehouse WiFi specialists and have worked across a range of projects, varying in both complexity and size. We pride ourselves on offering a full end-to-end approach, delivering a completely turnkey WiFi networking solution to your warehouse. From the initial planning phase to the site survey and finally the installation, we’ll work together with your organisation every step of the way. Our goal is to take the headache out of managing a major infrastructure project such as installing a complex warehouse WiFi solution.

Our enterprise solutions are built using the newest technology from brands such as Aerohive and Aruba/HPE. This allows us to deploy reliable, flexible and scalable network solutions across any of your warehouses. We use the latest products and technology to provide a high level of security and performance for your warehouse WiFi.

Redway Networks have implemented WiFi networks across a wide range of warehouse and logistic environments, whether you are small warehouse or a large distribution centre we can help find the right WiFi solution for your business.
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Warehouse Barcode Scanners

Redway Networks can help you source the right wireless barcode scanners for your business. We are proud to partner with the leading wireless barcode scanner manufacturers including Zebra, Datalogic and Honeywell to give your business the latest technology in wireless scanning solutions.

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