The Unexpected Ways WiFi Can Inform Your Business Decisions

Guest WiFi is simply a necessity nowadays, there’s no two ways about it. Any customer that enters your place of business will expect to be able to log on to the internet. This in itself is a great thing, if you offer it, as it will keep customers on your premises for longer and it will provide them with a better impression of your business.

Many companies believe that’s the only benefit of their wireless network. But if they hold this belief, then sadly they are missing out. Enterprise WiFi (such as that offered by Aerohive) has a much more well-hidden and even greater benefit to companies — data. When a customer connects to your WiFi they are giving you valuable information which you can use to improve your customers’ experience and to increase sales. 

This data is the sort that digital retailers have had access to for many years and have been using to improve themselves. For instance, one of the key reasons for Amazon’s meteoric rise online was due to their abundance and smart usage of data. They tracked user’s paths through the Amazon website, analysed how their customers interacted with the site, and then used that information to redesign their menus and user interface. Amazon went from being a simple book retailer, to one of the largest and most well-known companies in the world by using this strategy.

Now enterprise WiFi is enabling physical brick and mortar stores the same opportunities, simply by monitoring signals from network-attached devices, such as smartphones or wearable technology. “Zoning” is an excellent example of how to gather and use this data effectively. With an intelligent WiFi set-up, it’s possible for you to follow your customers through your store, see the areas which people are drawn towards, and which are being avoided. This information could be crucial in deciding your future strategy and should not be overlooked.

Every company can improve its strategy through data. With the right insights, key decisions can be made much more easily and backed up effectively. Your WiFi network could be the gateway to accessing the data you need, so don’t miss out on it. Contact us today for more information or visit our web site.