How Secure Is Your Enterprise WiFi?

No enterprise has a 100% secure IT system. When producing a network security strategy for your enterprise, the goal is not to make it absolutely watertight but to make your security so strong and so reliable that most hackers and other information thieves will abandon the task before they get the data they’re after. Some things you will want to consider are the strength of your WiFi firewall, how accessible both incoming and outgoing data is, and how secure your cloud server is.

Your enterprise WiFi will be the hub of your information network and should be as secure as possible from outside attack, as well as internal sabotage. Aerohive wireless, for instance, has its own Security Incident Response Team (SIRT) that runs and shares its own daily reports, which you can use to compliment your own security policy.

Not all information needs to be secured but, where it does, it is sensible to have multiple tiers of sensitivity – confidential, private, most private, top secret, and so on – in which the audience gets more restricted the higher up the security chain they go. Your IT security policy should define the different levels of sensitivity, and determine which job roles are allowed access to what information. The days of physically accessing the data are long gone. These days prominent members of your enterprise can access sensitive data 24/7 thanks to wireless networks and cloud engineering. While this is a boon to your business, it is important that the risk of unauthorised data access is minimised.

Aerohive devices include a Trust Platform Module (TPM) chip, which stores passwords, keys and digital certificates on the motherboard, which randomly encrypts stored data in a manner that can only be decrypted by someone in your enterprise with the appropriate administrator credentials.

This means that even if the data itself is compromised, nobody can read the harvested data unless they also have the correct and unique key required for decryption.

No security policy is perfect but, with a robust policy and a well-defended Aerohive wireless network, you can get it as close to perfect as possible. Speak to us at Redway Networks today to find out more.