Rethinking Networks for the New Normal

The COVID-19 pandemic has left no sector untouched in terms of the strain placed on networking and ways of working. Organisations of all types have had to overhaul processes and platforms to cope with the majority of staff – if not all staff – working remotely from home.

post-covid networking

This has placed pressure on the fundamental elements of networking, as well as highlighting the importance of less prominent ones pre-pandemic. The post-COVID-19 working world will undoubtedly focus more heavily on high performance VPNs, firewalls, end-user security, AV software and agile, connected devices among other elements.

Our partner, Extreme Networks, recently endorsed a report by ZK Research, looking into the long-term implications of international remote working on networks and connectivity. You can read this by clicking on the e-book below.

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Rethinking the Network

Rethinking the Network in the Post-Pandemic Era