The Preferred Hospitality WiFi Connectivity Solution

If you are a hospitality service provider, it may be about time to consider taking your networking and wireless communications potential to the next level. As a hospitality service provider, your business needs to be at the cutting edge of the action, and installing a state-of-the-art hospitality WiFi will put your communications and data access right where they need to be.

Cloud-based Hospitality WiFi

The hospitality industry is constantly on the lookout for new clients and new experiences they can offer those customers. Making best use of WiFi and cloud computing can make that task so much easier. Having mobile access to data and software in the cloud means that any personnel you authorise can have immediate access to information or can update files from their PCs, laptops or mobile devices anywhere they have internet connectivity.

Embrace the new mobile era

Finding the right product to facilitate this flexibility and efficiency is, of course, all important. As a hospitality service company, you need a scalable cloud networking platform that fits hand in glove with the new mobile era and that enhances the user experience of anyone connecting via the product.

By choosing a good cloud-based service enterprise management solution, you can get all of the features and functions of a network management system that sits behind a firewall, but without any of the additional hassle of installing on a dedicated conventional server. You can avoid any associated installation issues, any operational and maintenance concerns and hefty installation charges.

The right cloud-based enterprise solution

The right online solution of a cloud-based enterprise system will provide ease of management, great flexibility as well as redundancy. You will have the benefit of a hospitality WiFi platform that can be scaled up with consummate ease.

Hospitality service providers are notoriously protective of their client list and the information they hold in their databases – and with just cause too. If this information gets hacked, it can cause a substantial loss of business, so it’s important to ensure that the hospitality WiFi platform you choose is secure.

Because of this, when you are researching the right product for you, look out for a system that incorporates PPSK (Private Pre-Shared Key) technology backed up with granular dynamic policy enforcement.

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