How Can In Class WiFi Enhance Learning In Schools?

There’s no doubt that this generation of children are more digitally literate and technology aware than any before, with the majority of older pupils having a near-constant connection to information and friends around the world through the screens of their smartphones. As such, when it comes to enhancing learning and education in the school environment, WiFi can be an essential tool in developing important academic skills and habits that will prove useful at a later date. Here are just a few ways that In Class WiFi can enhance learning for pupils:

Access to research materials

In comparison to previous generations, students who are now in school have greater access to research and educational materials than they ever have before. From online research papers to websites and articles about anything from World War II to nuclear physics, it has never been easier to get children interested in a wide variety of different subjects and topics. This access, especially when facilitated over In Class WiFi, can allow for diverse learning experiences and additional learning on top of in-class lessons.

Global culture and understanding

Gone are the days of pen pals and reading from language textbooks; connectivity to every corner of the globe, and the rich and vibrant cultures in every country are easily accessible at the tap of a screen or scroll of a page. Providing in-class WiFi doesn’t just benefit children academically, it also enables them to communicate with children and teenagers of a similar age all over the world. Learning languages, understanding religion and culture and having geographical knowledge of a variety of locations can be achieved wirelessly.

Interactive projects and homework

The internet isn’t just a tool for fun and research. Access to online creative sites, such as graphic design websites or project management platforms, can allow for secure collaboration between students. This applies to both long-term projects and homework, allowing easy access to each other’s work as well as the ability to work with other educational facilities and schools using services such as Skype.

If you’re considering adding free education WiFi to your school or education facility, Redway Networks can provide the perfect platform for learning, collaboration and development. Contact us today to discover how WiFi can benefit your school.

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