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Fast, secure, reliable hospital WiFi is essential in today’s healthcare institutions. Patient care, as well as the wellbeing of everyone working, waiting, or receiving medical attention within the hospital, relies on a high-performance network capable of responding to the unique needs of medical environments.

Patients, doctors, medical staff and hospital equipment all rely on connectivity, and as such it must not compromised by changing capacity, coverage issues, compromised security, interference or cumbersome management systems. Redway Networks are specialists in WiFi for hospitals, offering an end-to-end service that covers surveys, design and installation. Whether you are a small clinic or a large hospital we can help with a healthcare WiFi solution to suit your organisational needs, as well as future proofing for new technologies.

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Key benefits of a hospital network

  • Communication. A high-performance hospital wireless network enables patient communication with family and friends, stream media for entertainment, and stay connected to the outside world – all of which increases morale, patient satisfaction, and reduces pressure on nursing and support staff.
  • Technology. The use of health-tech is increasing to improve efficiency, eliminate errors, and simplify working practices, and as connected devices rise, so must the capability of your network. BLE devices, and 1:1 devices for doctors are becoming more mainstream in hospitals, clinics and surgeries to move away from record discrepancies, time wasted sourcing equipment on-site, and inaccessible offline information.
  • Security. An increase in the use of technology in healthcare environments goes hand-in-hand with an increase in the risks of cyberattacks; it’s no longer a question of whether attacks will happen, but when they will happen. Hospitals handle highly confidential information from health records to social care data, all of which is fundamental to patients whether they’re in the hospital or not. Data breaches have a huge impact on the provision of services, and it’s the role of IT managers to ensure that infrastructure ensures there are no gaps in security.Networks capable of supporting the future of immersive learning such as AR, VR and mixed reality

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Our new wireless solution from Redway Networks provides fast speeds, improved capacity, better coverage and the highest levels of security and control.

Chris Stedman, Head of IT, Fladgate LLP

School WiFi Site Survey

Benefits of Hospital WiFi

WiFi for hospitals plays an increasingly important role within hospitals and clinics, ranging from improved staff communications to securely adopting the latest technology.

  • Higher hospital ratings through improved patient morale and satisfaction
  • Improved efficiency and reduced pressure on support staff
  • Support patients communicating with friends, family, and streaming media for entertainment
  • Reliable, secure access to online medical records and patient updates
  • Improved communication between staff, including 1:1 devices for doctors and agile working
  • Capacity for BLE devices to track whereabouts of vital machines and equipment
  • Reduced chances of cyberattacks and confidential data breaches through stronger, easily managed network infrastructure

Hospital WiFi Site Survey

WiFi surveys are an important part of planning and designing a new healthcare WiFi network. There are many factors that can affect the network capabilities and a WiFi site survey ensures that your network provides maximum performance and coverage across your site. Our highly experienced engineers will visit your hospital or healthcare establishment and will conduct a full survey. This will allow them to identify any potential sources of interference, as well proposing the best hardware and optimal placement to get the very best performance from your hospital WiFi network.

As well as surveying for a new network, we have vast experience in troubleshooting areas of WiFi loss within healthcare environments. Our certified engineers have a wealth of experience in diagnosing and solving issues within hospital WiFi networks.

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School WiFi Site Survey

School WiFi Site Survey

Hospital WiFi Design & Installation

As well as specialising in hospital WiFi networking solutions, we also have a vast amount of experience in designing and planning wireless networks across a range of medical institutions, including private clinics and NHS health centres. Whatever the size of your medical environment, we can design and plan a network to suit your organisational needs.

Our experienced team of engineers will design your network using enterprise grade access points to ensure constant coverage across your site. We work with the leading brands to offer you the very best in wireless technology. Our Ekahau certified team will also determine the optimal placement of the access points to provide high performance and minimal overlap. We will work together with your organisation and can offer out of hours installation to minimise any disruption. We also offer post-installation surveys to asses the solution and ensure that it is working at optimal efficiency.


Redway Networks are hospital wireless specialists and have worked across a range of projects, varying in both complexity and size. We pride ourselves on offering a full end-to-end approach, delivering a completely turnkey WiFi networking solution to your site. From the initial planning phase to the site survey and finally the installation, we’ll work together with your organisation every step of the way. Our goal is to take the headache out of managing a major infrastructure project such as installing a new healthcare WiFi solution.

Our enterprise solutions are built using the newest technology from brands such as Aerohive and Aruba/HPE. This allows us to deploy reliable, flexible and scalable network solutions across any of your homes. We use the latest products and technology to provide a high level of security and performance for your WiFi.

Redway Networks have implemented WiFi networks across a wide range of medical establishments, whether you are small health care centre or a large city hospital, we can help find the right WiFi solution for your organisation.

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