Could Free WiFi Increase Uptake Of Your Facilities?

Businesses are now well aware that offering free WiFi in their store, cafe or salon can be a great way to stand out from the crowd – getting a haircut is less of a pain when you can surf the web while it’s happening, and waiting outside changing rooms for your partner seems less frustrating if you have a distraction.

It can also be a great incentive for students at an educational establishment to make the most of the facilities available on campus and spend their hard-earned cash there, rather than going off campus.

Free, reliable, high-speed WiFi across the site of your school, college or university could help to ensure any cafes or bars on campus are well used; students might come for the great internet connection and stay for the killer coffees or the excellent brownies, helping to drive revenue for the school.

It’s not just about making money though – sometimes getting students to even turn up to their lectures and seminars can be tough and the attraction of a reliable high-speed internet connection could encourage attendance at academic events, even those which aren’t strictly compulsory. After all, if they’re on campus to use the WiFi in the first place, they might as well get some education out of the bargain too!

Keeping students on campus could mean that they spend more time in the library rather than working in the more distracting home environment. This could in turn help to boost your academic results and the reputation of your facility.

Finally, uptake of facilities on campus can lead to happier, healthier students. When they are on campus they’re up and about and being sociable, which is a key component of mental well-being. If it takes WiFi to encourage them to do that, it’s a small price to pay!

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