How Free WiFi Can Benefit Your Pub

Pubs have always been about people connecting with each other, and this has extended into the digital world. With 95% of people aged 18 to 25 owning a smartphone, patrons of bars and pubs want to have fast and easily accessible ways to connect to the internet to chat with friends, check-in, or log on to social media and therefore pub WiFi is essential today.

If you don’t provide free pub WiFi to your patrons, you’re failing to meet their expectations and also to capitalise on the many benefits providing free WiFi offers your pub business.

Increase your sales

Patrons that use your free pub WiFi are more likely to stay in your pub for longer, which gives you the opportunity to sell more drinks and bar snacks. The businessman on their laptop, making the most of the free WiFi connection, will happily buy another drink if it means they can stay connected for longer and finish what they are working on.

You can also use your pub WiFi service to offer targeted promotions and deals to patrons. Consider offering a discount on drinks or pub grub if they fill out an online survey, then you get some valuable feedback on your service. You’ll boost the loyalty of your customers by offering an incentive in return for their information.

Gain valuable customer data

Feedback isn’t the only information you can gain through your WiFi service. You can collect information on how often your customers frequent your pub and how often they use the pub WiFi. While you can’t collect personal data, it’s still valuable information that can help you learn more about your patrons and boost your sales.

Free online promotion

The younger generation of today loves to take and share photos and check-in on social media and all of these qualify as free online promotion of your business. You want to make it as easy as possible for customers to do this, something a free pub WiFi connection provides.

You can encourage people to share their experiences of your pub by starting competitions offering the chance to win a prize for tweeting the best picture of your pub grub. This brings customers back to your pub and expands the awareness of your business online.

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