Move your Schools’ Filter to the Cloud – Webinar

With remote learning becoming more common than ever, schools need to ensure that students using mobile devices are filtered, reported on and kept safe wherever they are.

If your school has been relying on an appliance or firewall for web filtering, you might not be getting the right control and monitoring that you need, and it might be the right time to switch to the cloud.

With our partners Lightspeed Systems, we’re holding a short online webinar on 16 June, 2pm + co-hosted by AWS (Amazon Web Services), where we’ll show you:

– How to ensure end-to-end protection without hardware

– Why firewall filtering falls short on mobile devices

– How to keep students safe on any device, anywhere, any time

– The essential reports you need to protect students and drive engagement

This webinar will be held on Tuesday 16th June at 2pm and you can sign up here.

We partner with the leading technology companies like Lightspeed Systems to bring our customers the best in innovative education solutions. Lightspeed works with schools to ensure that they have all the customisable filtering and reporting they need, through the lock-down and beyond.