How A Fast WiFi Network Can Help You Shout About Your Enterprise

Having a robust, fast and reliable wireless network for your enterprise has obvious advantages. It means employees are able to take their laptops and iPads into meetings and are able to pull up any information they need at the mere touch of a button. Ultimately, a fast wireless network gives you a great chance of saving money in the long run, but how can it help you promote your enterprise?

Free broadcasting

It’s well known that enterprises who choose to invite followers into their office via photos and status updates on social media get more engagement than those who merely post a photo of an upcoming product or service. If your company has a following on social media, it means that people are interested in what you are doing and have to say. Having a wireless network in place allows you to instantly communicate with your followers and keep them up to date with what’s going on. If you’ve got a designer working on an exciting new product, take a snap of them at work and post it on Instagram. It’s quick, simple and it makes your followers feel like they’re involved.

Helps with events

If your company decides to run an event then having a wireless network in place means that people will be able to share their experiences of the event straight away. Just let them know your wifi password and guests who are social media savvy will be checking in to your event and sharing photos from it on their own social media accounts. If it’s an industry event, your guests are likely to have an audience of other people in the industry you may not know, so it’s a way of getting yourself some completely free, purely organic promotion that will raise the awareness of your company.

Increased marketing productivity

If you’ve got a slow wireless network or you don’t have a wireless network at all, it can take its toll on productivity within the office. This is particularly important when it comes to the marketing department. If your enterprise has something to shout about, you’re going to have a difficult time of doing so if you have an unreliable connection. Having an active presence online means being able to promote your company and engage with your followers in real-time. Companies that get back to their followers quickly and actively engage with them on social media instantaneously enjoy a far healthier relationship with their followers than those who don’t, which is vital if you don’t want to draw criticism online.

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