Is Your Enterprise Collecting WiFi Data?

WiFi undoubtedly helps to connect us to the world and the people around us. It’s so useful and prevalent in our lives that often we don’t even realise it’s with us. An invisible wireless force, the only time we’re prompted to consider it is when our phone asks for the new WiFi password, or we need to access the internet in a remote area and cannot connect. Hugely beneficial, one of the lesser known aspects of WiFi is the fact that it collects data. For mobile and internet providers, this can help them to deliver an improved WiFi experience. The type of information they will receive isn’t so much connected with the type of websites you visit or the content of the traffic on your network, but instead aspects such as your WiFi channel, signal strength, and device types. These are all relevant to optimising the performance of your service.

As with any business nowadays, data is incredibly valuable in driving growth. The term ‘big data’ is used a lot to describe this. For many, part of the key battle is knowing what to do with the data, but also being able to turn this raw data into actionable insights. Without utilising it effectively, any data retrieved is essentially ineffective. As an enterprise company, WiFi tracking can be integral to success. For many organisations that don’t adopt this modern approach, it can see the end of their existence, especially against disruptive start-ups.

When competing in the contemporary marketplace, it’s crucial to start interrogating every device that is connected within an organisation. It can help you to understand your corporate IT infrastructure, and can provide an almost unlimited pool of data with huge business value. Generated by internal processes, such as monitoring signals from network-attached devices, you can track the movement of individuals (customers, individuals and employees). This helps you to understand what they’re doing and why. For example, if you have a retail store, you might track through smart-phones or wearable technology where your customers are headed. This can help you to identify particular displays that attract interest or zones that are redundant. You can then action these insights to turn them into a profitable and useful strategy. Or by knowing what devices they’re using, you can tailor your marketing strategies and communications specifically towards them. This can help to increase new sales leads.

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