Dummies Guide to WiFi 6

WiFi-6 represents the next-gen of WiFi technology, starting a paradigm shift in networks; faster speeds than previous generational updates, high-efficiency WiFi, huge capacity, better coverage and reduced congestion and confliction. As this superior user experience becomes expected, businesses will need to be ahead of the curve in terms of implementing this game-changing technology. Download our eBook to learn:

  • How WiFi-6 differs from previous generations
  • Deep-dive on OFDMA that promises multi-user communication
  • Real-world implications of WiFi-6’s introduction, from devices to bandwidth
  • Expert answers on questions regarding deployment options and obstacles
  • An overview of WiFi-6 technology including BSS Colour, TWT, 1024-QAM and MU-MIMO
  • An overview of Extreme Networks’ first genereation of WiFi-6 access points