How To Successfully Deploy A Conference Centre Wireless Network

Conference attendees will judge the success of an event and, therefore, the reputation of your venue on how easily they were able to connect to the internet. They expect to connect as easily as they do at home or at work, but that represents a problem for many conference Facility Managers. But is there a solution?

The problems with current conference centre wireless networks

How do you provide a wireless network that can scale up and down depending on the event being hosted? For long periods of time, your wi-fi network may go largely unused, and then, just a day later, it may have to cater for thousands of exhibitors, concert goers or attendees. Some events may be concentrated in a small area, whereas others may be spread out across your venue.

Traditionally, getting the balance right has been tough. The choices are between having an over-engineered, expensive wireless behemoth that you have to be able to justify spending money on and having a weak wi-fi provision that only causes problems and attracts complaints as it gets continually stretched beyond its operational limit.

However, there is a solution that allows you to successfully deploy a wireless network in your conference centre.

Aerohive and how it works to solve conference centre wireless problems

When it comes to planning a conference event that requires wi-fi, there are many questions you need to answer: how many access points will you need? Where are they going to be used most? Where are the dead points in the building? How will attendees be moving through the facility? Activity in a conference is difficult to predict, and so this kind of high-density WAN planning can be complex.

Aerohive is a system that helps you solve all these issues. It is a self-healing, self-organising system that reduces your operational cost, cuts down on the complexity and gives you real-time control from anywhere, via its cloud-managed tool HiveManager NG. Aerohive is flexible and adaptable and is a perfect enterprise wi-fi solution for conference centres.

Aerohive access points give you a high capacity provision and also come with built-in BLE technology that provides data on proximity, location tracking, and location-based engagement. This data is fed back into the HiveManager NG cloud tool, providing you with an accurate picture of your network’s health and performance.

What’s more, Aerohive can unify wired and wireless connections, so you can streamline and configure workflows, and it also gives you planning tools, so you can get things right, before an event begins.

If you want to make deploying your conference centre wireless network easier, get in touch about our range of Aerohive products and wireless site survey services.