Sustainability in education; what schools need to know about working towards net zero

If the Bett 2023 agenda is anything to go by, a huge priority in education is sustainability – both in how schools operate and as an essential topic in classrooms. Advocates such as Dr Sally Uren OBE (Forum for the Future), Professor Dame Alison Peacock (Learning Without Limits originator), climate activists and UNESCO representatives will all attend the show in March.

Schools, colleges and universities are key players in addressing the challenge of climate change, as nurturing grounds for younger generations who will face the increasing consequences of an unsustainable world. It is vital to both educate them on the issues the planet faces, as well as providing an environment for learning that demonstrates a strong effort to tackle them. Campuses are also spaces where young people can be inspired to take action, putting their knowledge to practical, proactive use.

In addition, sustainability on-campus is becoming a huge focus for schools, both to lower carbon footprints and cut energy costs, as well as responding to government initiatives, and public demand for environmentally-focused organisations. The department for education (DfE) writes that “schools perform better when they take responsibility for their own improvement. We want schools to make their own judgements on how sustainable development should be reflected in their ethos, day-to-day operations and through education for sustainable development.”

So how are schools educating on sustainability within the classroom?

How are schools showing students the way in terms of sustainable campus management?

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