Next generation WiFi 6 is helping businesses improve agile working

Businesses like law firm Fladgate are enhancing their digital business and improving agile working and customer service with next generation WiFi 6 deployments from Buckinghamshire wireless experts Redway Networks.   Fladgate turned to Redway Networks as it required a superior WiFi solution that would support its commitment to agile working for staff and bespoke WiFi services for its clients.

Most importantly, Fladgate’s new ExtremeCloudIQ WiFi 6 solution has delivered fast speeds, improved capacity, better coverage and reduced network congestion, with the highest levels of security for monitoring devices and users.

Chris Stedman, Head of IT for Fladgate says:  “Our new WiFi has improved collaboration and client service and the the level of engagement, service and flexibility we received from Redway Networks was first rate”.

Redway Networks is a leading WiFi specialist with expertise in the planning, design and installation of enterprise-wide wireless networking solutions that help law firms improve connectivity and efficiency. Using world-leading products, we provide the foundation for your digital business both now and for the future.

ExtremeCloudIQ WiFi 6 increases performance and security at your business.  With the latest WiFi technologies including OFDMA, MU-MIMO, and software-defined dual 5 GHz radios,  Extreme access points deliver uncompromising performance in the most demanding environments.

Combined with industry leading network management, Extreme access points capture meaningful performance and security insights about associated clients to assist administrators in both optimising and protecting their network and organisation.  In addition, the access points identify associated users, devices, and applications, applying contextualised network policies to prioritise, restrict, or limit network performance at an individual or group level to ensure your high capacity network is maximised.  Secure corporate, guest, BYOD, and IoT devices to enterprise levels with a range of authentication options and granular network policies that can be applied globally or customised for local access.

We are helping businesses of any type and size improve connectivity and efficiency with ExtremeCloud IQ WiFi 6.

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The entire world, it seems, is more connected than ever. You may have noticed more and more businesses offering customers free WiFi access. Businesses often even advertise the fact they provide free WiFi, why would they do this unless customers using their WiFi offered some benefits?

Well, offering customers free access to wireless networks does have its benefits. Here are just a few.


Free WiFi gives you direct access to your customers’attention which allows you to use their WiFi access as a potential branding opportunity. There are a number of ways you could do this, for example you could customise the home screen that is shown to customers whenever they log on to your network to show your latest offers.

Customers may want to use your free WiFi to check their email or look at the news, but while they navigate their phone’s browser you can be in control of any advertisements and branding that they see on your home pages. Offering things for free always attracts attention, attention that you can use to your advantage.


One of the most valuable things a customer has is time. So it’s important you do whatever you can to make sure you’re a business they want to spend more of their valuable time with. There are a number of different ways to do this, but a reliable way is to offer free WiFi.

Think of it, the longer they spend connected to your network browsing their phone, the longer they are in your premises and surrounded by what you have for sale. Use this time to advertise your current offers, and you’ll be surprised how effective it is at driving impulse purchases.


Another highly valuable and often overlooked customer resource is their data. Provided you do it in ethical, transparent, and fully legal ways, a customer using your free WiFi network can offer you an invaluable insight into their mindset and what they’re looking for.

See items they have browsed, questions about products they have asked in a search engine, and the sorts of things they’re thinking as they navigate your premises.

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We live in a world that seems to be moving at an ever-increasing rate, where the latest trends can come and go in the blink of an eye. Some things are more permanent, though, and WiFi is a technology that people have now come to expect.

It’s coming to a point now where customers see wireless internet not as an added bonus but rather as an essential, and are likely to rate establishments which do not offer it poorly. People want to be connected with the internet and if they can’t get free WiFi from one place, it’s very possible that they will search out another restaurant that provides it.

How restaurant WiFi can benefit you

Installing restaurant WiFi will increase your customer experience while also giving you the opportunity to use that free service in order to collect data about your customers. You can send them through a registration process, make them fill in a survey, or simply analyse the statistics of when it was most used.

Adding their e-mail to a mailing list, for example, can provide you with an excellent marketing opportunity, while your customers will be happy that they get to enjoy the free restaurant WiFi. It can be a win-win for both the business and the customer if used correctly.

A few words of warning

There are a few pieces of advice, however, which you must bear in mind. You’ll want to ensure that your business WiFi is separate from your customers’ WiFi. This is in large part due to a security issue, which is also why it’s a great idea to get a professional to install the right enterprise WiFi for you and your business. The experts will also be able to advise on the amount of bandwidth required as well as any other useful pieces of technical information.

Nowadays, the customer is as expectant of good service as they are of free WiFi. All businesses can only survive by keeping up with the times, and offering free restaurant WiFi is one vital part of that. It will keep your customers happy and coming back for more and in the meantime, you can use the data to advertise your restaurant and further increase your profits.

To find out more about how we can help establish a great connection in your restaurant, get in touch with us at Redway Networks today.

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Aerohive offer a variety of comprehensive solutions for education and enterprise WiFi customers worried about the forthcoming effects of GDPR legislation. GDPR will be enacted on 25 May 2018 and brings unified data protection and collections regulations to the European Union. These regulations will also affect any business supplying customers based within the EU.

Effectively, any business holding personal information on consumers based within the EU will need informed consent from the consumer, rather than the passive consent which is currently relied upon. The EU does not specify exactly what consists of personal information, as this can vary between member states. Even possession of a consumer email address or IP address is classified as being in possession of personal information. Consumers are given a number of rights under the GDPR legislation, including the right to be forgotten.

Becoming GDPR-compliant is a lot easier with solutions provided by Aerohive. Check out the following:

Public cloud solutions

Customers planning to restrict data movement to within the EU alone will find the Aerohive Germany or Ireland data centres are ideal for use with public Cloud solutions and maintain data integrity.

Private cloud solutions

Clients who prefer private cloud solutions will appreciate the benefits of Aerohive’s Hive Manager NG model which provides a segregated environment with a totally dedicated server infrastructure. Clients will also find it easy to provide hyper-local solutions within their own neighbourhoods via their own data centres. Hive Manager NG can also be used within any client’s private business premises to ensure complete control and prevent any risks of data ever leaving the data centre. Specialised tools are inbuilt to Hive Manager NG to extract all required data to evidence compliance with GDPR or respond to any information requests that are received.

IT departments and teams will find it’s much easier to ensure GDPR compliance when partnering with manufacturers that consider every option. Simplifying the GDPR compliance process is key to Aerohive’s continued commitment to customer satisfaction.

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While many businesses now accept that their WiFi can represent the first line of defence against cyber crime, more need to realise that their router itself can represent a security vulnerability, one expert has suggested.

Peter Chang, is South Africa Country Product Manager for American WiFi giants ASUS. He has highlighted the need to pay close attention to the security measures which are implemented when choosing a router/access points, especially considering the multi-client requirements of the modern enterprise WiFi networks.

Speaking to IT Web, Chang warned: “It is important when choosing your router to make sure it comes with software that prevents Ransomware, where you can have full control of Internet access for each device and you are able to block or allow Internet access based on a schedule, and assign a security level and parental controls for each device.”

The advice comes at a time when many of the world’s top businesses have come under the spotlight for cyber security breaches, underlining the vulnerability of organisations large and small. Last March, Deloitte, the Big Four management consultant, was compromised by a hacker who gained access to the firm’s email administrator account. A strain of Petya Ransomware also struck at the Ukrainian Central Bank and the Danish shipping company, Maersk, demanding Bitcoin payments in exchange for access to computers which were hacked within the organisations.

It all adds up to a concerning time for businesses determined to keep their data safe and their communications private. But all is not lost – there are plenty of ways in which businesses can take steps to protect their WiFi. These include; making sure their access points support multiple SSIDs; hiding their business SSIDs; and securing passwords through a strict password management scheme which applies to all members of the organisation including guests.

By keeping tighter security controls on their router, as well as taking other security measures as detailed above, businesses are able to secure their WiFi networks in 2018, and even open them up to public access in order to offer convenience to guests and potential customers.

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Though WiFi has marked a huge leap forward in internet technology, giving users freedom from all those irksome wires, your network won’t be secure from the word “go”. All that data is travelling through the air, and anyone with a mobile device and the right tools can easily tap into it. A secure business WiFi network is essential, so be sure to follow the following steps:

Select the right WiFi security options

WEP is easy pickings for even amateur hackers, so make sure you’re protecting your network with WPA2, the current latest security protocol. You can apply this in two different modes. Personal mode is fairly easy to set up, but susceptible to brute-force hacking. This means a hacker could potentially obtain your password using software that rapidly guesses it from a dictionary of common password choices. Enterprise, the right choice for all but the smallest businesses, prevents users on your network from hijacking passwords or spying on each other’s traffic. Checking and changing these settings is fairly easy through a PC’s control panel.

Set up separate WiFi for guests

Like many businesses, yours may have the need to offer WiFi to customers or visitors to your premises. However, you should never let an unfamiliar or untrusted person have access to your enterprise WiFi network. Make sure that guest WiFi is separate from the network your employees use, ensuring that there’s no way for them to access your files and devices, or spy on your traffic. If necessary, you can also add a separate encryption layer to your guest network.

Physically secure your network gear

Though this is often overlooked, you should think about the physical security of your network, on top of encryption. Take steps to make sure your wireless router and other vulnerable components are secured from visitors. Though this kind of cybercrime is rare, intruders can physically plug into a network if they’re able to reach it, and reset routers to their factory defaults in order to clear any security parameters. Furthermore, if there are any Ethernet ports in your office, make sure they’re only accessible to employees. These can be another access point for hackers.

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From drawing in potential customers to providing technical support and everything in between, the internet is an essential tool for any 21st-century business. As such, it’s important to make sure your business WiFi speed is as fast as possible. In this post, we’ll outline some of the most effective ways to maximise your business’s internet speed.

Control apps and devices that interfere with your connection

By maintaining a password-protected network, you’ll be able to keep a cap on the number of guests using your wireless network and stop hackers from accessing any sensitive information. The more devices and apps on your company’s network, the slower your business WiFi speed will be. Keep an eye out for video chatting and streaming apps, as these are major bandwidth hogs. Many modern access points allow you to limit users’ access to these kinds of programs, and in turn, maximise your network performance. These are a favourite among airlines offering their passengers in-flight WiFi.

Upgrade your firmware, and check your speed

As with any electronic equipment you use at your business, it’s good practice to make sure you’re on top of software updates. All the major wireless manufacturers release regular firmware updates to keep their devices performing optimally. Fortunately, it’s easy to check if there are any recommended updates for your access points by looking up its model number and downloading any drivers necessary for maintaining good performance. Aside from maximising business WiFi speed, keeping your firmware updated will ensure your company’s network is protected by the latest and most effective security protocols.

Position your access points to minimise interruptions

Radio waves from smartphones, computers, burglar alarms and many other devices can disrupt your wireless signal. To get around this issue, make sure your office’s access points are positioned far away from any radio-emitting devices. Apart from this, in order to make sure your access points can cover a wide area, you should position it as close to the centre of the office as possible. Another effective trick is raising the access point or minimising the number of solid obstacles like walls the signal has to penetrate. It may sound simple, but the position of your access point can make a big difference to internet speed.

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In this day and age, WiFi is everywhere, and although you may think it’s only the larger businesses who benefit from going wireless, small businesses WiFi is important too. Here’s why…

Stay ahead of the competition

Access to WiFi is an expected resource these days and it is even available on public transport such as buses and London Underground stations, as well as in town centres. In order to keep up with competitors and the changing marketplace, being ahead of the game in all things, including technology, is key.

Implementing free WiFi for customers to use in your business, no matter how small, is a sure-fire way to set yourself ahead of any other businesses which may be lacking in this area, and has the potential to increase customers, and customer satisfaction, too.

Increase customer satisfaction

Happy customers are more likely to return, so if you have a sufficient WiFi connection for your customers to enjoy with no strings attached, the likelihood is they’ll leave more satisfied too.

If your clientele is of the younger generation, especially millennials and Generation Z, the expectation is that WiFi will be easily available for them to use. The majority of young people own some sort of mobile device now, so a great small business WiFi connection will help increase customer satisfaction no doubt. However, it’s crucial to make it easy to access – so keep it free and clearly display the password so that people aren’t put off by coming to ask for it.

Increase business

Reviews are important to any business keen on seeing its online presence rise up the search rankings, and the likelihood is that many customers will leave much happier if they can access a good WiFi connection, especially if your small business is one where they’re able to sit down and relax, too.

If you’re running a hospitality business, such as a small café or bar, having WiFi while customers are sat enjoying your food also has the potential for your customers to share images or reviews of your business while they’re on site. After all, Instagramming food is all the rage right now…

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WiFi was introduced in the 20th century, yet it’s shocking how few companies have caught on to the power it can offer to any business.

A small step, a huge difference

It may sound like a small change, but offering business WiFi could be the difference between success or failure. It would be absurd these days for a hotel not to offer WiFi, and all businesses that deal directly with customers should be the same.

Keep your customers happy

No-one likes waiting, and access to the internet can be the difference between customers being frustrated or happy and productive. Fast and free WiFi will encourage customers to keep coming back time and time again. People are likely to spend more and stay for longer if they are happy. Not being able to access the internet will discourage your customers and leave you with discouraging profits.

Help them sell to themselves

WiFi isn’t just there for browsing social media either. A lot of consumers use it to make decisions on what product they would purchase. Denying access to an online review may lose you that sale, and gain one for your competitor. In this modern world, people expect to be connected to the internet. Denying a customer that connection will leave them frustrated. Some businesses may not see it as relevant to them, but it simply is. If you don’t offer WiFi and your rival does, their customers will be happier.

Bring your business up-to-date

Being able to put up that sign showing that you have free WiFi will gain you more foot traffic, it will attract new customers and help you stand out from the crowd. It’s still acceptable for somewhere to not offer the service, but that will soon change and every business fears getting left behind. WiFi keeps people in your place of business, and if they are there for longer, they will spend more. It’s a competitive world where finding that edge can make all the difference. In a few years, almost every place will be offering free WiFi.

Make that first step

Offering WiFi is vital to keeping your business relevant. At Redway Networks, we can provide your business with Aerohive networking, providing your company with the edge over your competitors. Make that step today by contacting us for more information or request a wireless site survey of your business.

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No enterprise has a 100% secure IT system. When producing a network security strategy for your enterprise, the goal is not to make it absolutely watertight but to make your security so strong and so reliable that most hackers and other information thieves will abandon the task before they get the data they’re after. Some things you will want to consider are the strength of your WiFi firewall, how accessible both incoming and outgoing data is, and how secure your cloud server is.

Your enterprise WiFi will be the hub of your information network and should be as secure as possible from outside attack, as well as internal sabotage. Aerohive wireless, for instance, has its own Security Incident Response Team (SIRT) that runs and shares its own daily reports, which you can use to compliment your own security policy.

Not all information needs to be secured but, where it does, it is sensible to have multiple tiers of sensitivity – confidential, private, most private, top secret, and so on – in which the audience gets more restricted the higher up the security chain they go. Your IT security policy should define the different levels of sensitivity, and determine which job roles are allowed access to what information. The days of physically accessing the data are long gone. These days prominent members of your enterprise can access sensitive data 24/7 thanks to wireless networks and cloud engineering. While this is a boon to your business, it is important that the risk of unauthorised data access is minimised.

Aerohive devices include a Trust Platform Module (TPM) chip, which stores passwords, keys and digital certificates on the motherboard, which randomly encrypts stored data in a manner that can only be decrypted by someone in your enterprise with the appropriate administrator credentials.

This means that even if the data itself is compromised, nobody can read the harvested data unless they also have the correct and unique key required for decryption.

No security policy is perfect but, with a robust policy and a well-defended Aerohive wireless network, you can get it as close to perfect as possible. Speak to us at Redway Networks today to find out more.