Business Value Of WiFi “Indoor GPS”

It is possible that your first thought was “It would have to be a very large or fragmented business premises to need a GPS tracking system within a building!”

But think about it for a minute.

Aerohive location services – an advanced wifi system sometimes referred to as “indoor GPS” – offers valuable business benefits in and around your premises. It’s all about the increased connectivity that makes businesses, of all sizes run quicker, leaner, smoother and more cost-efficiently.

Here are just some of the advantages of creating an enterprise wifi location service.

Asset tracking and better navigation

You will know where everyone is and can direct movement better. You need never lose or confuse a customer or staff member again!

You will also be able to track down high-value equipment and mobile devices. The network could help you pinpoint where any of your wifi equipment is within you building – right down to the mobile phone down the back of the filing cabinet.

Better wifi efficiency and control

Having an Aerohive location service means being able to measure who is logging on to your wifi system and for how long. If there are rogue users of your wifi at certain parts of your building or unauthorised people logging on, this is the way to identify it. This positional tracking can underpin your security systems too.

Advantages of new location system

One way in which enterprise wifi location services differ from actual GPS is that the latter can have weak signals in certain points or go offline completely. Conversely, wifi tends to be more reliable and widespread.

If anyone is now imagining how they can tag all their staff and equipment to make it possible to locate them in this way, fear not. With Aerohive, that is not necessary, as it is based on wifi connectivity.

Previously, wifi location services measured indoors using received signal strength (RSSI). This too had limited accuracy or capacity to produce detailed data (fingerprinting).

The new system is far more efficient and effective and can be further improved by including site survey data when installing the system.

Next steps using indoor wifi location services

This is just the starting point of greater business control thanks to Aerohive Network’s location service. The next step could be to create geofencing, or digital alerts when equipment goes outside of predefined boundaries, for example.

For marketing? “Hyperlocal” may be the next big thing, that is, sending your customers specific ads and offers depending on where they are in your building.

For now, though, it is simply another way Aerohive makes great business sense and gives great businesses more possibilities.
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