How Apple’s New OS Could Be A Security Threat And How To Prevent It

Apple’s newly released operating system, iOS 11, has some impressive features which are likely to prove popular with Apple customers – one of the most notable is WiFi sharing. This feature works in conjunction with the WPA2-PSK authentication system and depends on the NFC (Near Field Communication) technology that is built into all of Apple’s devices.

What is WiFi sharing? 

Using WiFi sharing is straightforward. All that is required is to hold your Apple device close to the device of the person you want to share with and ask them to connect with the wireless network that you are currently connected to. At this point, the other device will give its user the option of sharing their WiFi password. If this option is taken, then in future this device will automatically connect to that network and no further configuration will be required.

What problems could this create? 

It sounds great for private users, but it isn’t too hard to see how WiFi sharing could be a major problem for IT supervisors working in organisations or enterprises, as it opens up the risk of someone in your organisation sharing their PSK with outsiders. Fortunately, there is a solution known as Private Pre-Shared Key or PPSK.

How will PPSK help?

The PPSK technology in Aerohive products is built on WPA2-PSK. It gives your IT administrator the power to create and to revoke thousands of unique Pre-Shared Keys (PSKs) to individuals within your organisation using the same SSID.

PPSK is extremely secure and straightforward to run and gives you two methods of controlling exactly who is using your organisation’s WiFi network:

1. Control access by limiting PPSK associations to one client per PPSK. If a new or additional device attempts to gain access by using the WiFi password or through WiFi sharing, it will not be authenticated and access will be denied.

2. Mac Address Binding links a PPSK to a specific individual’s MAC address. If another device attempts to gain access using the PPSK password, access will be denied if that device does not have a matching MAC address.

Apple products are much-loved and there is no doubt that the WiFi sharing capability in iOS 11 will be well-received. By setting up a secure Aerohive WiFi system, you can ensure that your enterprise enjoys the benefits of WiFi sharing without taking undue risks with security.

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