Aerohive Simplifies GDPR Compliance

Aerohive offer a variety of comprehensive solutions for education and enterprise WiFi customers worried about the forthcoming effects of GDPR legislation. GDPR will be enacted on 25 May 2018 and brings unified data protection and collections regulations to the European Union. These regulations will also affect any business supplying customers based within the EU.

Effectively, any business holding personal information on consumers based within the EU will need informed consent from the consumer, rather than the passive consent which is currently relied upon. The EU does not specify exactly what consists of personal information, as this can vary between member states. Even possession of a consumer email address or IP address is classified as being in possession of personal information. Consumers are given a number of rights under the GDPR legislation, including the right to be forgotten.

Becoming GDPR-compliant is a lot easier with solutions provided by Aerohive. Check out the following:

Public cloud solutions

Customers planning to restrict data movement to within the EU alone will find the Aerohive Germany or Ireland data centres are ideal for use with public Cloud solutions and maintain data integrity.

Private cloud solutions

Clients who prefer private cloud solutions will appreciate the benefits of Aerohive’s Hive Manager NG model which provides a segregated environment with a totally dedicated server infrastructure. Clients will also find it easy to provide hyper-local solutions within their own neighbourhoods via their own data centres. Hive Manager NG can also be used within any client’s private business premises to ensure complete control and prevent any risks of data ever leaving the data centre. Specialised tools are inbuilt to Hive Manager NG to extract all required data to evidence compliance with GDPR or respond to any information requests that are received.

IT departments and teams will find it’s much easier to ensure GDPR compliance when partnering with manufacturers that consider every option. Simplifying the GDPR compliance process is key to Aerohive’s continued commitment to customer satisfaction.

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