Aerohive Connect Sees Complete Roll Out

‘Connect’ will be made available across the entire Aerohive portfolio, the organisation has confirmed this week. The scalable functionality Connect is valued for will now be accessed by more businesses, the company has suggested, as it underlined the benefits which come with the ultra-flexible, high-performance wifi.

It is expected that even more organisations will now be able to enjoy centralised management of their wifi, through Aerohive access points. Aerohive is already a popular solution with service providers who have a lack of on-site access to deal with, such as hospitality providers at live events. With no renewals or subscription required, Connect is the epitome of the ‘on tap’ software as a service (SaaS) Cloud offering which is being increasingly offered in the connectivity market.

Commenting on the development, David Flynn, Aerohive Networks’ chief executive office, said: “We’re excited about the enthusiastic response Aerohive Connect has received since our announcement in January. The expansion of the Aerohive Connect offering to our entire product line offers more customers an easy path to discover the full value of Aerohive’s WiFi and cloud networking solutions. Connect continues to introduce Aerohive technology to new markets, customers, resellers and managed service providers.”

Aerohive have highlighted the value offered by Connect, which they say can work out at a third of the price attached to HPE and Cisco products, with none of the complexities which have blighted the enterprise solutions of the past. Other advantages are said to include easier configuration, quicker operation times and better monitoring of switches and access points.

The Connect product represents a new era of connectivity product, which effectively allows users – or “channel partners” as Aerohive refers to them – to ‘design their own solutions’, customisable to their needs.

It all appears to add up to an even more attractive proposition for SME customers to ensure they have the scalability which they need, accommodating them for future growth. This essentially means protecting the investment which they have made in connectivity by ensuring they won’t outgrow a solution and avoiding the scenario of a solution becoming outdated. Contact Redway Networks for more details or visit our web site: