5 Cost Reasons To Lose The WLAN Controller

It’s safe to say that WLAN controllers are yesterday’s news – being costly and complex to deploy, scale, maintain and upgrade over time. WiFi solutions are now increasingly delivered by the cloud or through distributed architectures, offering a range of benefits. Distributed control is the preferred solution, with some serious economic wins for organisations to enjoy. Here are just some:

  1. There is no CapEx requirement for a controller purchase. Controllers can be expensive and require operating software licences, regular upgrades and periodic replacements as traffic volumes and technologies change.
  2. There are advantages on the OpEx side too. By removing the need for a controller, there is less need to manage multiple network elements. Cloud-deployed upgrades don’t come with the same disruption – the AP just needs to be added to or replaced in full. This means almost guaranteed lower operating costs, thanks to the simplicity of the solution.
  3. As management services migrate to the Cloud, there is an associated further fall in local hardware needs such as management appliances and servers. Cloud deployed services are both transparent and scalable. New functions – such as automation and analytics – can be added seamlessly and without operating downtime.
  4. By removing the controller, there is no need to remove anything else from the network – giving network planners an easier time. Financial controllers don’t need to worry themselves either, as this equates to a removed expensive. The removal of the controller acts to reduce the total cost of ownership.
  5. And last but not least, these cost benefits apply for organisations of any size, including SMES and start-ups. Many small businesses have struggled to justify enterprise-grade WLAN investments due to controller costs, and have instead been forced to buy into insufficient solutions which failed to offer the right degree of security, management and broader functionality and scale.
  6. Today’s enterprise WiFi network systems give businesses of all sizes the network solution that they need to grow over time in a measurable, transparent and simple way – realising the same gains that bigger companies have long been able to benefit from and without disruption, high costs or onerous ongoing operating expenses. It all spells good news for forward-thinking businesses. Speak to one of our Wireless specialists to find out how Redway networks can help. https://www.redwaynetworks.com/enterprise/

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