4 Things You Should Consider Before Purchasing WiFi For Your Enterprise

WiFi is an indispensable resource for all but the smallest of businesses, which is why it’s so important that you invest in a connection that suits your company’s requirements both now and well into the future.

Here are four key factors you should consider before you select a WI-FI vendor:

1. Weigh up flexibility and security

Flexibility and security are two key factors all enterprises have to balance when considering their wireless network. Although you need to make access as easy as possible to ensure those working on their own devices remain productive, a security breach can be highly damaging for your organisation. Your network should be watertight from those who hope to cause you harm while remaining open to those who are going to positively contribute.

2. Consider reliability

Downtime could mean reduced productivity and, in the worst-case scenario, lost business. Consider how quickly you could recover from a lack of internet coverage and have a thorough understanding of who you can turn to should disaster strike.

3. Make sure your WiFi can grow with you

As your company grows, more and more people are going to require access to your network in order to complete their work. Look for higher bandwidth levels that will ensure devices can be added without your overall network speed suffering.

4. Ensure visibility

Bring Your Own Device, or BYOD, has become more and more popular in workplaces across the UK, allowing companies to cut down on hardware costs and staff to work remotely. Three-quarters of organisations allow their employees to work from their own devices, with a large percentage of these solely reliant on the policy. [http://www.zdnet.com/article/research-74-percent-using-or-adopting-byod/] However, if your network is accessible to BYOD devices, it might not always be clear who is connected and where they are connecting from. Ensure you can retain complete visibility over connected devices.


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