3 Major Benefits Aerohive Offers For The Education Sector

Every school has a responsibility to offer its pupils the very best educational opportunities available. Now that we live in a digital world, educational institutes need to consider the value of online learning (or e-learning).

One of the most important factors in e-learning is the availability and quality of an institute’s wireless connection. There’s no doubt that a weak wireless connection can impede digital learning, which is a concern that 51% of all IT managers share about school WiFi systems.

Aerohive is growing as a popular education WiFi system choice in the UK, and with good reason. Here are just a few of the major benefits Aerohive could offer your education institution.

Better connectivity across facilities

Improved WiFi connectivity means that there is more chance for digital integration in the classroom. Aerohive creates a strong WiFi connection across entire facilities which means e-learning can be used in any classroom, as opposed to limiting the use of digital resources to IT labs. This means teachers can make more use of digital learning methods and pupils can benefit from better learning opportunities.

Faster connectivity speeds

Faster connections offer better resources. Aerohive’s fast connectivity allows teachers and pupils to quickly access thousands of resources without being concerned about performance. Videos, apps and other interactive content is available at the click of the button. This allows schools to provide their pupils with a more immersive learning experience than is currently on offer.

Increased security

The benefits of Aerohive aren’t just about e-learning. Teachers and support staff can have faith that any confidential information is protected by Aerohive’s secure connection. Data can be safely stored on your system without being at risk, and you can also have peace of mind that your pupils can use the internet safely.

Aerohive has even more amazing benefits for education institutions, such as schools and universities, which is why it could be worthwhile considering changing your WiFi infrastructure. Our team at Redway Networks can offer you advice on whether this would be beneficial and, if so, will not only install your system, but provide you with interactive technical support for the smooth running of your wireless connection.

Speak to a member of our team today to find out more about Aerohive or download our Education buyers guide for more details.

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